USAForensic, LLC

USAForensic, LLC

Bryan Neumeister

44 W. Monroe St. #3302 Phoenix, AZ 85003

About the Expert

USAForensic llc. Court Certified: Cell Phone, Audio, Video, Photographic, Computer forensics. Certified US District, Federal, State, Military, Civil & Aviation. 37 years professional experience. 39 Emmy Awards in the broadcast video and audio industry. State-of-the-art Lab with the very latest hardware and software and most experienced experts. 7 days a week. Classified Work. IEEE-AES-ASCAP-BMI-ABRE- ACFEI- IPVM-PATC

Areas of Expertise

  • Audio & Tape Analysis
  • Communications - Telecommunications
  • Forensic Sciences

Expert's Profile

USAForensic, llc. has been doing state-of-the-art technical work since 1980.

We specialize in Cell Phone data extraction, Audio, Video, Surveillance DVR clarification, in de th Computer forensic analysis, Cell Tower & CDR forensics.

Much of the work we do is work other forensic companies could not do.

We are court certified in US District Courts, Federal Courts, State, Military & Aviation.
Bryan Neumeister has worked In 23 countries and most states in the US.

Our Lab is second to none. Featured on the BBC, FOX Business and in other publications.

Currently on Fox Business:

As well as featured by a forensic software manufacturer recently:

We work with Defense Attorneys, Law Enforcement on Federal & State Levels, Public Defenders offices, Procecutors offices, LegalAdvocates, Insurance companies, Large & Small industry, Multi Agency Task Forces, Innocence project. Internal Affairs/Professional Standards.

From Homicide to Divorse and everything in between. We take no side as DATA is impartial.

Classified and declassified assignments with the DOD, DOJ, DOE, DARPA, Army CID. -SAMs.

With 37 years of experience, 39 Emmy Awards in our video area alone, We are a fairly unique boutique agency.

If you truly want the best - with personal attention. Give us a call.

To us: Data is Data- it takes no sides.

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