Richart Ruddie

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Richart Ruddie

12 SE 10th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

About the Expert

Richart is an online Defamation and internet defamation expert. Working on in depth cases where I have the proper knowledge to showcase how a client has been damaged from material postings on the internet and the fees associated with cleaning up and removing unwanted libelous content that has been posted for the internet at large to review.

Areas of Expertise

  • Internet
  • Public Relations

Expert's Profile

Richart has helped numerous law firms, companies, and individuals who needed an online reputation management expert to showcase damages done to a client when negative material has surfaced online.

In each of these cases I developed an in depth report showcasing how search results are displayed, how many negative search results appear for different Google, Yahoo, and Bing queries, as well as how many of these negative results are seen and clicked on based on in depth research and studies that have tracked this data.

Additionally I've helped clients pinpoint the exact costs associated with cleaning up your reputation and image using suppression services to create new content, costs of building out personal websites and maintaining them with fresh new content, unique IP address hosting, and fees for domain renewals each year.

By having such in depth and detailed explanations and being an expert in online defamation cases I have been able to help aid in verdicts that have been in the 6, 7, and in one instance 8 figures.

I will be glad to answer any preliminary questions and guide you in the process for any online defamation cases.

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