E911-LBS Consulting

E911-LBS Consulting

David H Williams

P.O. Box 220442 Saint Louis, MO 63122

About the Expert

David H Williams is an expert in wireless/mobile location technology, applications, and services. His specialties include GPS tracking, location-based services (LBS), E911, Internet of Things (IoT), and other wireless location technologies and services. He has served as an expert in over 50 location-related patent/IP, cellphone forensics, anti-trust, ITC, and criminal/civil cases since 2007.

Areas of Expertise

  • Communications - Telecommunications
  • Electrical Engineering
  • GPS Tracking

Personal Achievements


  • Certified in Emergency Management Response (CERT)


  • The Definitive Guide to GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi, and Other Wireless Location-Based Services (2 versions)
  • The Definitive Guide to Wireless E911
  • The Definitive Guide to Mobile Positioning and Location Management (Co-authored)

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