Hochman Consultants

Hochman Consultants

Jonathan Hochman

615 W. Johnson Ave Suite 202 Cheshire, CT 064104532

About the Expert

Jonathan Hochman is a Yale University graduate with two degrees in computer science. He has been a consultant for 25 years and has deposition and trial experience. His expertise includes the Internet, e-commerce, software, networking, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Areas of Expertise

  • E-commerce
  • Internet

Expert's Profile

Jonathan Hochman is the founder of Hochman Consultants. A Yale University graduate with two degrees in computer science (BS and MS 1990), he has 25 years experience as a business development, marketing and technology consultant. Hochman is currently the chairman of the trade association SEMNE, Search Engine Marketing New England, and a founder of the Internet security firm CodeGuard.

Hochman’s Google certifications include Advertising Fundamentals, Advanced Search and Advanced Display. He has published at least 30 articles and been a speaker at more than 20 conferences.

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