Strom And Associates, LLC

Strom And Associates, LLC

Laurie Strom

424 S. Beverly Dr. Suite. 174 Beverly Hills, CA 90212

About the Expert

Laurie Strom is an experienced geriatric care manager and licensed clinical social worker with 30+ years of clinical, supervisory and management experience. Her specialties include safe discharge and transitional care planning; abuse, neglect and exploitation of senior adults; standard of care in outpatient and in-patient settings; clinical quality management; regulatory compliance, and professional ethics. Laurie has a proven track record of implementing and managing quality programs which specialize in meeting the medical, psychosocial and functional care needs of senior adults with multiple co-morbidities including medical and psychiatric diagnoses. With extensive experience supervising social workers, nurses and allied health professionals, Laurie has received excellent ratings for integrity and professionalism from her staff. She holds a graduate degree in social work, a license in clinical social work, Washington State, Care Management certification, high reliability trainer certification with Healthcare Performance Improvement, LLC and Professional Care Manager Certification with the Aging Life Care Association.

Areas of Expertise

  • Behavioral Health
  • Elder & Life Care
  • End of Life Care
  • Geriatrics / Nursing Homes
  • Social Services

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