Robert A. Evans, Ph.D.

Robert A. Evans, Ph.D.

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About the Expert

Ph.D. from The Catholic U. of America; Trained: Family Divorce Mediator, Parenting Coordinator, Guardian ad Litem, Collaborative Law Practice, Child Custody Evaluator; Authored book The Essentials of Parent Alienation Syndrome; Testified on Parental Alienation PA in numerous courts across US; Approved by numerous state bars to provide CLEs on PA.

Areas of Expertise

  • Abuse / Child Elder Spousal
  • Child Custody Evaluation
  • Forensic Behavioral Science
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome

Expert's Profile

Dr. Evans received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Evaluation from The Catholic University of America in 1982, MS from St. John’s University, and BA from Long Island University. He became licensed in Florida as a School Psychologist in 1987. He is trained as a Family Divorce Mediator, Parenting Coordinator, Guardian ad Litem, Collaborative Law Practice, and Child Custody Evaluator. Since 1993 Dr. Evans has practiced Forensic Psychology exclusively. In 2011 he authored the book, The Essentials of Parent Alienation Syndrome and number of articles for bar association journals and publications. He has testified as an expert on Parental Alienation (PA) in numerous courts across the U.S. as to what PA is, how to identify it and how to rehabilitate it. He has conducted in excess of a hundred child custody evaluations in his career thus far in various states across America. Dr. Evans is an approved sponsor of continuing education for psychologists by the American Psychological Association and has been approved by many legal bar associations to conduct continuing legal education on a variety of topics, including Litigating Family Law Cases with Parent Alienation, Critiquing and Reviewing Child Custody Evaluations and An Overview of Established Rehabilitation Programs. .

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