Gregory S. Arnold

Gregory S. Arnold

Gregory Arnold

11801 Domain Blvd, 3rd Fl. Austin, TX 78758

About the Expert

Tribal law subject matter expertise. Federal Indian law expertise. Probably actively licensed in more tribal courts than any other tribal law expert. 30 years in the insurance and surety industry. Owner of TPA/claims consulting companies; expert witness on insurance and surety matters; duty of care in the bond industry; tribal law matters. Provide private client legal representative in Indian tribal courts.

Areas of Expertise

  • Bail Bonds & Surety
  • Insurance - Bad Faith
  • Surety Claim Handling
  • Tribal Law

Expert's Profile

Gregory S. Arnold has been retained as a subject matter expert on insurance and surety matters, and regularly consults on matters requiring expertise in tribal law and federal Indian Law.

Mr. Arnold has an advanced law degree in Insurance Law. This degree is called a Master of Legal Letters, or LL.M. This is in addition to his Juris Doctor, or JD, degree.

Expert Arnold has niche knowledge of underwriting and claims strategies in insurance, fidelity, surety, liability, plus personal lines such as homeowners and related issues such as underinsured values.

Expert Gregory S. Arnold honed his advanced knowledge of insurance underwriting, insurance claims, surety underwriting and surety claims, while employed by some of the country's most successful insurance companies and surety companies. After a successful career holding officer positions with insurance and surety companies, Mr. Arnold formed some third-party administration and consulting companies, where he and his staff served large companies with transitional staffing issues, and smaller companies by serving as the equivalent to its staff, on an outside professional basis. Mr. Arnold has a diverse practice, assisting insurers and sureties with their underwriting and claims needs, and representing individuals and businesses in Indian tribal courts coast-to-coast.

Mr. Arnold is available as both a consulting and a testifying expert on the issues of federal Indian law, tribal law, and especially issues involving resolutions leading to waivers of sovereign immunity and related indemnity agreement issues.

Personal Achievements


  • LL.M, Insurance Law, University of Connecticut School of Law.
  • JD, Western State College of Law
  • B.A., Union College and University

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