Rehab Pro Assessment And Consultation

Rehab Pro Assessment And Consultation

Julianne Frain, PHD, CRC

PO Box 19425 Jacksonville, FL 32245

About the Expert

Dr. Frain is a Vocational Rehabilitation and Life Care Planning Expert with over 10 years of experience assisting with difficult litigated cases wherein the issues surrounding long-term medical damages and/or loss of future earning capacity are contested. Dr. Julianne Frain possesses her Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Counseling and has testified approximately 100 times combined in both state and federal venus within the areas of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Workers' Compensation, Family Law/Marital Dissolution, Wrongful Termination, Wrongful Death, and Discrimination. She provides services that involve evaluating cases for future damages, consulting for trial, and live expert testimony. Topics she is commonly called upon to render opinions involve employment and earning capacity following disability or injury, long-term wage earning potential, long-term care needs, costs of long-term care, usual and customary out of pocket costs for medical services, medical billing, and labor market statistics. Dr. Frain is happy to provide complimentary case consultations to determine if a case is a good fit for her services.

Areas of Expertise

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
Developmental Disabilities
Disabilities Assessment
Disability Claims
Disability Discrimination, Work Place
Economic Damages
Elder & Life Care
Life Care Planning
PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Personal Injury Consultants
Vocational Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Expert's Profile

Dr. Frain has vast, diverse, experience as a testifying expert in the areas of vocational assessment & re-employment, loss of future earning capacity, life care planning, usual and customary cash pricing for medical billing, and labor market statistics. Dr. Frain has worked for over a decade in various venues in litigation. These have included primary injury litigation (such as personal injury/slip and fall/ vehicle accidents, medical negligence), but also workers' compensation, marital dissolution, wrongful termination, discrimination, and wrongful death. Dr. Frain is frequently retained by both plaintiff and defense counsel in injury matters. Dr. Frain has worked on cases nationwide and has testified on cases within Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

In addition to her experience as an expert witness, Dr. Frain's business manages both state and federal contracts to assess vocational rehabilitation needs of people with injuries and disabilities and labor market statistics through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Social Security Administration. She is a researcher and has published in the fields of disability, traumatic brain injury, family resiliency, and chronic illness. Dr. Frain has a passion for her work and is always determined to seek answers to the most difficult questions, helping provide evidence and justice to each and every case through objectivity and evidence based fact finding.

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