Ed Dabney

Ed Dabney

217 W Highland Ave Monroe, GA 30655

About the Expert

Award winning horse trainer and riding instructor. 40 years experience working with horses and riders in ranching, trail riding, competition, film industry, rodeo and mounted police. Teaches in US and Europe. Produced instructional DVDs and authored many published articles. Operates a training facility and owns 15 horses. University instructor.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Horses

Expert's Profile

Case analysis and accident reconstruction Generally accepted best industry practices in care, custody, control, safety and transportation of horses Horse behavior, instincts and reactions in many different situations and locations
Horse training and rider instruction
Trail riding, horseback travel, vacations, camping, hunting and outfitting Mounted Patrol Horses – Police, Military, National Park
Horses in Film Industry Horse tack and riding equipment suitability Equine facility management Equine event management Design consultant for equine facilities especially regarding safety of humans and horses, efficiency of operation and reduction of stress on horses

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