ALM Security Explosives Consulting LLC

ALM Security Explosives Consulting LLC

Anthony May CIPBI

4170 E. Sandy Way Gilbert, AZ 85297

About the Expert

Certified International Post Blast Investigator (CIPBI) with 40 years of experience working in security and explosive related fields in government service; 20 years military EOD, 20 years federal law enforcement as a certified bomb technician. Specializing in the federal explosives laws for device determination, device reconstruction, crime scene examination, and post blast origin and cause investigations. Conducted numerous accident investigations involving fireworks and pyrotechnics.

Areas of Expertise

  • Fire & Explosion Investigation
  • Security

Expert's Profile

ALM S&E LLC offers the following services:

(1) Subject matter expert opinions and assistance in criminal and civil litigations involving security and explosives related issues. I have been declared and Expert Witness in Federal Court over 25 times in criminal violations of federal and state explosives laws.

(2) Subject matter expert services to News organizations. Experience includes forensics shows depicting bombing cases such as the Fremont Bomber in the late 90s and 48 hours recreating the homicide bombing of Gary Triano. I have been featured as a subject matter expert on CNN and CCTV discussing the Russian Metrojet bombing in Egypt in November 2015 by ISIS and the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015.

(3) Security and explosives threat and vulnerability assessments to industry and government entities worldwide. I have an extensive resume in providing assessments domestically and worldwide. Have worked with the State Department conducting Anti-terrorism Assessments for foreign governments utilizing a knowledge base of the political climate and techniques and tactics used by different terrorist organizations.

(4) Advance work for Personal Protection Agents, VIP protection services, and security assessments for events. As a Military EOD technician and Federal Law Enforcement bomb technician I have been assigned to political candidates, foreign dignitaries, and the Presidents of the United States security details and conducted explosives sweeps and security assessments. I have extensive work in the assessments and preplanning as well as operational experience in providing security for major sporting venues such as the World Series, Super Bowls, as well as two Olympic events.

(5) Training to industry and schools in Bomb Threat Management and security issues to alleviate loss of production time.

(6) Aviation Security training. Have developed a program and taught flight crews for the past 12 years with American West, U.S. Airways, and American Airlines. The training is designed to impress the importance of security awareness to alleviate overreaction resulting in lost revenue.

(7) Investigate explosions and fire scenes to determine cause and origins. This area ranges from major post blast scenes such the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta and the TWA 800 accident investigation to serial bombers. I have examined numerous cases to determine not only the cause and origins of post blast scenes, but any violations of the federal explosives laws.

Personal Achievements


  • BA In Security Management

Special Training

  • Certified as a International Post Blast Investigator (CIPBI) by the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators

Percentage of time spent as expert

  • Certified as a International Post Blast Investigator (CIPBI) by the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators%

Number of expert assignments / year

  • Certified as a International Post Blast Investigator (CIPBI) by the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators

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