Adam Bercovici

Adam Bercovici

Adam Bercovici

970 Petit Ave Suite D2 Ventura CA 93004

About the Expert

I am a retired 30 year LAPD lieutenant and Expert for criminal defense, plaintiff, security, and premise liability cases. During my career I was directly responsible for managing officer-involved shooting scenes, investigations and undercover operations. I helped create and write the updated LAPD policy on undercover and plain clothes tactics.

Areas of Expertise

  • Negligent Security Guards
  • Police Practices and Activities
  • Premise liability
  • Security

Expert's Profile

I am a retired 30 year LAPD lieutenant. In addition to consulting and expert work I am also involved as a talent/host for television. I was the Co-Host of History Channel's JFK Declassified- Tracking Oswald

I accept cases after initial review.

During my police career I have been the Officer-in-Charge of several well known police units, including, The Special Investigation Section, Homicide I-Robbery Homicide Division and Criminal Investigation Section, Counter-Terrorism Bureau-Joint Terrorism Task Force. In terms of police practices I have testified as an expert for my Department on major crowd control events. Much of my police career has been as a manager and supervisor in charge of complex undercover operations. In 2010 I led the team that re-wrote the LAPD Undercover and Plain-Clothes Directives. I have been the primary architect in the development of the Undercover Operator Selection Process. In this capacity I developed relevant selection criteria for any detective applying for a tactical surveillance assignment.

In addition to these managerial assignments I have worked as a police officer and sergeant in the following sections, K9, Vice, Internal Affairs and Gang Enforcement. On a personal note as a police officer I was involved in several major incidents that can be discussed with potential clients. These experiences give me relevant and current experience in the areas of shooting policy and use of deadly force.

My Private Security experience is as an owner, manager and operator of a company. I have expertise in the areas of supervision, discipline and BSIS or any State mandated compliance.
I am also a licensed private investigator in the state of California.

I have consulted for and provided expert advice for insurance companies in the area of criminal investigations. With my experience in Internal Affairs and Police Practices and am employment I am also available to provide third part review and or investigations for police

My area of coverage is nationwide.

Personal Achievements


  • Claremont McKenna College, 1981


  • California Licensed Private Investigator

Special Training

  • Firearms, Use of Force, Tactics,


  • History Channel- JFK Declassified-Tracking Oswald

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