EJD Engineering, Inc.

EJD Engineering, Inc.

Ernest De Leon, P.E., SEI

14726 Ramona Avenue 410-W1 Chino, CA 91710

About the Expert

EJD Engineering, Inc. provides expert witness services for cases involving structural damage and investigation. We have extensive experience in working with the legal system, insurance companies and individuals. Applying our academic and engineering industry experience, we communicate technical concepts in a concise and understandable manner, both in our reports and testimony.

Areas of Expertise

  • Construction Claims
  • Structural Engineering

Expert's Profile

EJD Engineering, Inc. is experienced in interpreting the collected facts and observations of a particular case using engineering and physics law to provide our clients with outstanding expert witness service.

During our many years of service, EJD Engineering has been called upon by property owners, buyers, sellers, attorneys, insurance companies and contractors to act as an Expert Witness.

Litigation support services include:
• Depositions and Court Room Testimony
• Forensic investigations involving the failure analysis of structures or products
• Disclosure disputes when properties are sold and purchased
• Construction defect disputes
• Damage analysis appropriate for litigation and dispute resolution

EJD Engineering, Inc. offer independent evaluations and assist you with determining the technical merits of your case. We are skilled at analyzing facts, possess excellent communications skills and are strong enough to stay firm and under control when questioned by the attorney on the opposing side.

Complex business disputes can arise anywhere in the world over a diverse set of conditions. In these disputes, often the testimony of an expert witness that decides who will triumph. The role of the expert witness is to provide objective opinions to the court on technical matters that require specialized knowledge or expertise. To be persuasive, expert witnesses must be both experienced and knowledgeable in their field and must also be perceived as independent and objective.

Personal Achievements


  • Brown University, Providence, RI (Ivy League University, 1764)
  • Sc.B. in Civil Engineering 1999, emphasis on structures (School of Engineering, 1848)


  • Registered Professional Engineer, Civil 67755
  • State of California, January 21, 2005
  • Licensed General Building Contractor, B 980272
  • State of California, January 12, 2013


  • American Society of Civil Engineers, Membership
  • Engineers Without Borders-USA, Brown University Chapter
  • Structural Engineering Institute, Membership
  • International Code Council, Member #8231686

Percentage of time spent as expert

  • 15%

Number of expert assignments / year

  • 1-2

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