Terry Morgan Inc.

Terry Morgan Inc.

Terry Morgan, DLP, CTL, Surface Transp. Practitioner.

513 Handsome Cab Lane Unit 202 Melbourne, FL 32940

About the Expert

Terry Morgan, Inc. has over 50 years of experience in the operations, management, economics and regulation of trucking and distribution services. Our clients include law firms, insurance companies, state and federal agencies, financial institutions, transportation businesses, warehousing, manufacturing firms, and freight brokers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Safety OSHA
  • Transportation

Expert's Profile

TMI provides Expert Witness Services as well as Consulting Services in motor carrier / rail administrative law; truck involved accidents; physical distribution management; shipping dock operations, regulatory compliance, transportation economics, motor carrier/driver safety and operations; freight broker operations, passenger operations, loss and damage claims, contracts, rates and leases, warehousing and traffic management, since 1989.

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