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Peter Salmon

1885 S Springer Road Unit B Mountain View, CA 94040

About the Expert

Peter has proposed novel material structures such as a binary semiconductor dielectric. Flip chip technology comprising copper pillars, integrated cooling channels, and re-workable panels. Reel to reel processing enabled by moving belt lithography. 25 patents. Broad experience in semiconductors, electronic packaging, printer technology, patent development, litigation support.

Areas of Expertise

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Materials Science

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Peter Salmon has a strong technical background, having served as Chief Technology Officer at several companies in Silicon Valley, California. He has broad experience in semiconductors, electronic packaging, printers, product development, patent development and litigation support. He has authored over 25 patents, some of them foundational patents, particularly in the area of mobile devices.

As an expert witness Peter has developed his skills on several complex cases. Typically he performs as a validity expert. He has efficiently analyzed large portfolios of prior art, comprising over 100 prior art patents in two cases. He has endured long depositions for which he has received plaudits from his client attorneys.

Peter's latest technical interest is his invention of a reel-to-reel manufacturing process that could enable dramatically lower cost levels. To this end he is pursuing a patent for a lithography system that comprises a patterning belt that moves in synchronism with the target substrate.

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