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Susan Maccoy Enterprises P.C.

Susan Maccoy

845 N. Michigan Avenue - Suite 908E Chicago, IL 60611

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Maccoy has assisted the legal profession in litigation and other legal matters related to the cosmetology and beauty salon and spa Industry for over 25 years. She is an accepted member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) and an appointed member of its Chicago Chapter Board of Directors

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  • Cosmetology

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Susan Maccoy is practicing Cosmetologist and Forensic Expert Witness on beauty salon and spa products, processes, procedures, policies and standards. An award-winning professional, she has held positions as hair stylist, hair colorist, salon owner, Glemby International corporate salons manager, salon trainer and International industry educator.

In 2015 she became Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant: Cosmetology. Her forensic investigative work and expert opinions were instrumental in obtaining Dismissals with Prejudice in two actions, one Civil and one Federal, in 2011. Her opinions have been accepted in 34 states.

Maccoy's expertise and professional experience encompass the full range of cosmetology products, professional services and techniques. She is often called upon to provide expert opinions and assistance on topics involving:

Cosmetology Standards of Care and Practice including:
State Cosmetology Regulations
Salon/Spa policies, protocols, processes, and procedures
Salon/Spa technical services policies and employment policies
Salon/Spa safety practices
Salon/Spa manuals, procedure guidelines, manuals and handbooks
Salon/Spa sanitation & disinfection regulations and procedures
Salon/Spa injury and causation

Hair Care services including:
Cutting & Styling
Bleaching/Lightening and Blonding
Foil Wrap Dimensional Hair Coloring and Hi-Lighting/Party Colors
Hair Coloring/Dyeing, Corrective Coloring
Permanent Waving
Straightening/Relaxing, Keratin Treatments, Smoothing Treatments

Salon/Spa Services:
Skin Care Services: Facials, Waxing Hair Removal, Body Treatments
Natural Hair Technician Services

ARTICLES: Patch vs. Strand

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