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Wei Chiu's expert witness work is focused on business loss analysis in civil litigation working with both defense and plaintiff attorneys. He brings over 35 years of executive level experience in the management of finance and operations for multiple industries ranging from Fortune 100 to single investment partnerships. Mr. Chiu has a B.A. from Harvard College (Physical Science), an M. Architecture from MIT, and an MBA (Finance) from Stanford. Please contact for a complimentary assessment of your needs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic Consulting
  • Economic Damages

Expert's Profile

Over more than 35 years in executive-level management of finance and operations, across industries as diverse as international semiconductors to healthcare and a consortium of non-profit arts agencies, I have had to evaluate and underwrite a myriad of projects, consultants, vendors, contractors and other professionals and businesses. That vetting process -- repeated tens of dozens of times -- has given me a keen understanding of what contributes to financial feasibility, operational longevity and economic success. Understanding the strategy of a business, the capabilities of its management, the implementation of its operations, and the strength of its vendors and agents, gives me a unique capability to look beyond simple facts of a litigation case. This process has proven invaluable time and again as I have worked on personal injury, wrongful termination or death, investment or contracting fraud, partnership issues, trust and estate distributions, marriage dissolutions, and the economic losses and damages stemming from those disputes. I pride myself on being data-driven and in having an ability to synthesize complex issues into easily understood presentations for lay juries.

I am happy to have a complimentary discussion with you regarding your case to see if my capabilities are warranted. Please contact me at I am based in Palo Alto, CA.

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