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John D. Foubert, Ph.D., LLC

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Dr. Foubert expertise: Child Pornography, Colleges & Universities, Crime Foreseeability, Crime Prevention, False Allegations, Internet Addiction in Marriage & Divorce, Internet Pornography, Pornography Addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,Rape, Sex Abuse, Sex Crime, Sex Offenses, Sexual Assault, College Student Housing, Title IX.

Areas of Expertise

  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Sexual Offenses

Expert's Profile

Dr. Foubert is an experienced expert witness who serves as the President of a rape prevention nonprofit organization ( and Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs at Oklahoma State University. He has published approximately 50 peer reviewed books (9) and journal articles (40) with a forthcoming book about the effects of pornography. His current books cover sexual violence (particularly in college and the military) and college student housing. His articles cover sexual violence in college, rape in the military, fraternities, rape survivor experiences, bystander intervention, campus housing, pornography and college student development. Dr. Foubert has testified before Congress, been consulted by The White House and The Pentagon. He is adept at explaining complex research and statistics in a succinct manner. Travels nationwide.

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