Electrochemical Solutions LLC

Electrochemical Solutions LLC

David Zuckerbrod

2705 Copperfield Court Baltimore, MD 21209

About the Expert

I provide electrochemical consulting services. My expertise includes batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, electrolysis and corrosion. I provides expert witness services in battery-related court cases including patent, product liability and technical issues.

Areas of Expertise

  • Battery
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry & Chemicals

Expert's Profile

Dr. David Zuckerbrod has thirty-five years of experience in electrochemical energy storage and conversion. His education includes a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has spent most of his career developing new products for the battery and fuel cell industry. He has worked on lead-acid, alkaline primary, alkaline rechargeable, lithium primary, lithium ion rechargeable, lithium polymer and sea water batteries. He has worked on PEM, solid oxide and phosphoric acid fuel cells. In addition, he headed a battery test facility which included detailed analytical capabilities for determining the root cause of battery failures. He is also a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (NAFI). He offers electrochemical consulting services and expert witness services on cases involving batteries including product liability, commercial and patent cases.

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