Brian H. Kleiner, Ph.D.

Brian H. Kleiner, Ph.D.

551 Santa Barbara Avenue Fullerton, CA 92835

About the Expert

Dr. Kleiner is an Emeritus Professor of Human Resource Management from a prestigious California University. He has over 500 publications, and has received many honors for the quality of these publications. A former human resource manager at Ford Motor Company, Dr. Kleiner has provided consulting services to over 100 business and government clients and has trained thousands of employees. Additionally, he has given trial or arbitration testimony in over 70 cases for both plaintiffs and defense.

Areas of Expertise

  • Disability Discrimination, Work Place
  • Discrimination
  • Employment and Human Resources
  • Sexual Harassment / Discrimination

Expert's Profile

After first being employed as a human resource manager for Ford Motor Company in 1969,Dr. Kleiner has over 35 years experience as a consultant to over 100 organizations around the world concerning how to improve human resource management policies and practices. These include the following: Arco-Atlantic Richfield Company, Bausch & Lomb, Brother International Corporation, ConAgra, General Dynamics Corporation, In-N-Out Burger, Interstate Electronics Corporation, Pioneer Electronics, Reynolds Metals Company, Shasta Beverages, Shell Oil Company, Toshiba, and Yoshinoya.

From 1988 to 2002 Dr. Kleiner taught classes concerning effective employee management for the general public through University Extended Education at California State University, Fullerton, helping managers and supervisors from hundreds of organizations.

The employment-related topics for which Dr. Kleiner has provided expert witness testimony include the following: compliance of organization policies, procedures and practices with standards of appropriate human resources management; preventing and investigating complaints concerning sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination and harassment; retaliation; workplace reduction; performance appraisals, progressive discipline, just cause and wrongful termination; analysis and evaluation of reasonable accommodation, undue hardship, essential functions and other issues under the ADA; negligent hiring, retention, and supervision; promotion selections; FMLA; executive and employee compensation, wage and hours, ERISA, benefits/pensions; and workplace violence, safety, OSHA.

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Personal Achievements


  • Ph.D. in Management, U.C.L.A.
  • Master of Business Administration, U.C.L.A.
  • B.S. in Business Administration, Drexel


  • Society For Human Resource Management


  • Have published over 500 articles in a wide variety of academic and professional journals and books. These include the following:
  • New developments concerning age discrimination in the workplace. Co-authored. Franklin Business & Law Review Journal, March 15, 2011.
  • Effectively preventing employment discrimination and harassment. Co-authored. Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Journal, March 15, 2011.
  • Workplace reduction guidelines. Co-authored. Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Management, 3/e. Street, M.D. and Street. V. L. (eds.) Dubuque, IA: McGraw-Hills, 2009.
  • How to write excellent human resource policies. Co-authored. Nonprofit World, 2006, 24 (5), 22-23.
  • Analyzing jobs to determine exempt or non-exempt status. Co-authored. Equal Opportunities International, 2005, 24 (5/6) 93-100.
  • How to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Co-authored. Equal Opportunities International, 2005, 24 (5/6) 86-92.
  • New developments concerning age discrimination in the workplace. Co-authored. Equal Opportunities International 2005, 24 (5/6) 15-23.
  • New developments concerning pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. Co-authored. Equal Opportunities International 2005, 24 (5/6) 1-14.
  • How to distinguish between independent contractors and employees. Co-authored. Management Research News, 2005, 28 (2/3), 136-149.
  • When it’s time to say good-by: How to discharge workers without legal hassles. Co-authored. Nonprofit World, 2005, 23 (2), 12-14.
  • More publications in Bio

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