Gerard Macri & Associates

Gerard Macri & Associates

Gerard Macri, Ph.D.

27 Willow Pkwy, New Windsor, NY 12553

About the Expert

Principals provide expert technical assistance to counsel in litigation involving violent chemical reactions, chemical fires and explosions, incompatible chemical mixtures, forensic chemical investigations, chemical exposure limits of airborne contaminants, hazard risk assessments of chemical overexposures, chemical analyses and identification of unknown substances or residues.

Areas of Expertise

Chemistry & Chemicals
Fire & Explosion Investigation
Forensic Sciences
Hazardous Materials
Industrial Hygiene
Labels, Warnings & Instructions
Products Liability

Expert's Profile

Gerard Macri & Associates provides expert technical assistance in forensic chemical investigations, technical and scientific analyses and serve as an expert witness in the areas of sampling, testing, and identification of chemical residues and substances, chemical forensic evidence, analysis of chemical reactions and products, causes of chemical fires and explosions, limits of chemical overexposure risks, sources of chemical contamination in air, soil, water and environment and other chemical investigations.

Perform professional chemical forensic investigations and scientific analyses of the available evidence with supporting documentation to prove conclusively the validity of the client’s claim

Identify and examine the relevant pieces of evidence of the case – both the evidence that is known as well as the latent facts that are yet undiscovered that could provide crucial support to the client’s claim.

Provide technical expertise involving risk assessments of chemical overexposures, hazardous chemical properties, hazardous chemical reactions and incompatible mixtures, proper hazardous materials handling, storage and disposal, and compliance with Federal and NY State environmental regulations.

Other Capabilities:

Examination/Analysis/Identification of Chemical Forensic Evidence
Causation of Chemical Fires, Explosions, and Exothermic Reactions
Chemical Overexposure and Injury from Consumer Products
Scientific/Chemical Forensic Investigations
Analysis and Reconstruction of Chemical Reactions
Chemical Analyses of Substances Causing a Slip and Fall
Determination of Most Likely Chemical Reaction Products
Hazardous Chemical Reactions and Incompatible Chemical Mixtures
Estimation of Chemical Contaminant Airborne Concentrations
Cause of Injury from Chemical Consumer Products
Chemical Product Defects and Manufacturer Liability
Chemical Analysis and Characterization of Unknown Materials
Investigation of Soil, Groundwater, and Storm Water Contamination
Compliance with/Violations of Federal EPA and State Environmental Regulations

Personal Achievements


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Polytechnic Institute of New York


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