Full Circle Interdisciplinary (FCI) Consulting

Full Circle Interdisciplinary (FCI) Consulting

Robin M. Nagel, MS, CDMS

Oakland, CA 94610

About the Expert

Robin M. Nagel, MS, CDMS is your versatile partner in Interventional Disability Leave and Absence Management Services. Ms. Nagel navigates the heart of workplace disability matters, empowering parties in sustainable problem-solving by facilitating the right intervention at the right time. Robin M. Nagel has served California-based employers, employees and Counsel for more than 20 years in all workplace disability absence and compliance matters, including Workers Comp., HR ADAAA/FEHA (Interactive Process for Reasonable Accommodation), FMLA/CFRA and statutory paid leave compliance, as well as employee relations. We are dedicated to helping organizations prevent acrimonious workplace conflict using multi-party mediation techniques. Effective collaborative interventions may prevent damaging litigation rooted in unresolved work disability issues. When facing litigation, FCI Consulting can provide expert witness consultation and sworn testimony. Robin M. Nagel delivers evidence-based analysis, consultation and testimony as an Expert Witness in work disability discrimination claims.

Areas of Expertise

  • ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
  • ADA - Reasonable Accommodation
  • ADAAA-FEHA - Interactive Process
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Disability Discrimination, Work Place
  • Employment and Human Resources

Expert's Profile

Capability Statement

Full Circle Interdisciplinary or FCI Consulting delivers prevention, both strategic and tactical, of costly, damaging, medically needless work disability, upstream of strictly procedural, compliance-oriented Absence Management.

Prevention is not always possible; litigation sometimes results. FCI Consulting provides expert witness testimony to either side of litigants in ADAAA/FEHA compliance cases, when the adequacy of the Interactive Process for Reasonable Accommodation is challenged or when the employer's efforts must be expertly defended.


I work on a fee-for-service basis (hourly or value-based, negotiable by project), in these principal capacities.

1. I serve employers and insurers as an Interventional Disability Case Manager. I can step into an existing complex work status case at the request of an employer, healthcare professional/physician, third-party payer or labor union to assess the situation, mediate the conflict, provide clarity, guidance and practical help, “just-in-time.”

2. Broader, organizational and program-based consulting services. I provide support to third party or managed care companies contractually engaged to provide preventive, post-claim and SAW-RTW services to employers. These serves include program assessment, design modification and implementation.

3. Litigation Consultation/Expert Witness testimony in civil disability discrimination cases in workplace proceedings; litigated Workers’ Comp.. I will even-handedly serve either side of any case, as requested by counsel for the defendant/employer, or for the plaintiff/applicant. I have mediated workplace disputes and have otherwise served both disputing sides: employer and employee. My integrity lies in applying expert knowledge to illuminating the truths found in the sworn facts of each case.

Alternative Dispute Resolution leading toward a mutually acceptable and sustainable outcome honors all participants. Delivering expert testimony when unresolved disputes turn to litigation educates the litigants and contributes to resolution.


FCI Consulting services include expert workplace assessment and intervention, ADAAA/FEHA compliance, expert testimony, physician outreach, ADR and related customized interventions to ameliorate workplace accommodation concerns or conflicts. FCI can provide SAW-RTW and Absence Management program analysis and redevelopment.

Interventional or Specialty Disability Case Management services provide a distinctive capacity to step into an existing, complex actual or potential lost work time case, to assess the situation and its benefit program parameters (workers comp/SSD/private disability insurance) provide SAW-RTW guidance and technical help to achieve timely, sustainable resolution. By a customized intervention practice that recovers and builds trust among the key parties, damaging conflicts are ameliorated and a success-oriented, team approach will prevail.

A tireless champion for early, proactive and educational interventions in workplace issues of all kinds, FCI Consulting is dedicated to helping organizations exercise their unique ability to prevent expensive and acrimonious litigation.

Interventions are best accomplished where the challenges originate:

In this familiar, interdisciplinary intersection of business/organizational practices, policies and procedures; compliance with civil and labor laws guiding employment practices; ADAAA/FEHA/FMLA compliance and Workers Compensation. Medical/clinical decision-making and activity guidance close the circle.

FCI supports an employer’s successful prevention of needless work disability and its avoidance of disability discrimination through affirming obligations of all stakeholders: the employer, affected employees and medical providers. Pursuing steps in sequence prevents “cracks” to fall through.

FCI Consulting emphasizes prevention of work disability in fulfillment of absence management obligations (Workers Compensation, ADAAA/FEHA and FMLA compliance.) FCI Consulting will deliver customized interventions to remedy work disruptions resulting from functional impairment, disability work absence and conflicts that have already taken hold.

With “just-in-time” interventions, Robin M. Nagel, Managing Principal of FCI Consulting will teach, model and coach the stakeholders through the process, encouraging their competency to continue this particular engagement, with little or no further assistance. All parties appreciate discovering they hold the keys to solving these workplace problems, with impartial guidance.

A value-added benefit is the employer’s ability to rely on a now-familiar, straightforward process in the event of encountering similar work disability circumstances in its future. Learn a best practice by doing it right!


Interventional Services, Tier One: Development, mediated agreement and initial monitoring of temporary transitional task(s) for work assignment, affected employee, with supervisor, manager if indicated.

Interventional Services, Tier Two: Progressing from Tier One (TTWA development with timely medical activity guidance), or from case initiation, presumption of durable or long-term impairment/disruption of essential work functions: Interactive Process for Reasonable Accommodation.


San Francisco State University, CA M.S., Counseling (3.97 GPA)
University of California at Santa Barbara B.A., Honors, Dramatic Art: Directing
The Mediation Center, Eugene, OR Civil, Commercial & Organizational Mediation (32 hrs)
Lemmon Mediation Institute, Oakland, CA Mastering the Mediation Method (40 hrs)
CA State Bar, Alameda Co., Arbitration training Fee Arbitration Program for lay arbitrators (32 hrs)

Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS, 2008-present) # 07231
Certified Civil, Organizational and Commercial Mediator since 1995
Certified Lay Arbitrator, CA State Bar Assoc. training, Fee Arbitration Program (1995)
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC, 1990-2000) # 24177

Full CV with Relevant Qualifications plus Publications, References and sample Service Agreement Available on Request

Personal Achievements


  • Master of Science, Counseling, San Francisco State University
  • President, SFSU (Graduate) Counseling Students' Association President, 1979-80


  • Board- Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS), 2008- 2013 (renewable)
  • Co-updated CDMS Code of Professional Conduct/Ethics during invitational-only Summit meeting at CDMS-CCMC (Certified Case Manager Commission), Mt. Laurel, NJ, April 2019


  • University of CA, Santa Barbara, BA Degree awarded with Honors


  • Co-Authored, "How to Engage in t he Interactive Process - A Field Guide for California Employers" with (employment defense) attorney Jennifer Redmond, Esq. of San Francisco
  • Revised/Updated Co-Authored, "How to Engage in the Interactive Process - An Employers' Field Guide to Disability Acco0mmodation in the Workplace" with (employment defense) attorney Jennifer Redmond, Esq. of San Francisco

More Information

  • Comprehensive Curriculm Vitae
    this Curriculum Vitae chronicles the education, expertise, work and professional experience of Robin M. Nagel, MS, CDMS through 2019.
  • Litigation Consulting Summary, 2015-19
    This document charts the actual case experiences Robin M. Nagel has had as an expert witness in litigation proceedings, California and beyond, in recent years.
  • Prospectus, Full Circle Interdisciplinary (FCI) Consulting, 2019
    Up-to-date summary of typical services and approach of Robin M. Nagel, MS, CDMS as an expert witness in disability discrimination/harassment/wrongful termination claims, and DIRECT CONSULTATION interventions with employers seeking to avert discriminatory practices (workplace and/or public access)

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