Illinois Dental Expert Witness

Illinois Dental Expert Witness

Sharon Szeszycki DDS PC

45 S Park Blvd Ste 190 Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

About the Expert

Dr. Szeszycki has been working successfully as an Expert Witness in the legal arena for cases involving Dental Malpractice. Her ability to deconstruct a case and to work with legal colleagues to formulate appropriate resolutions has provided her with much professional satisfaction. Working with peer organizations for 20+ years has given her a perspective that many in the dental malpractice profession find of value.

Areas of Expertise

  • Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Personal Achievements


  • 1975 AS Dental Hygiene degree from Southern Illinois University
  • 1977 BS Dental Hygiene degree from Loyola University Chicago
  • 1982 DDS Dental degree from Loyola University


  • FEWA: Forensic Expert Witness Association
  • ADA: American Dental Association
  • ISDS: Illinois State Dental Society
  • CDS: Chicago Dental Society
  • 15+ years as a member/chairman of the Chicago Dental Society Mediation and Peer Review Committees, currently working at the State level


  • 4/05 -1/06 Wrote an original column titled “Idle Thoughts” for the magazine “Woman Dentist Journal”
  • 6/06 - 4/07 Wrote the “Idle Thoughts” column for the magazine “Dental Practice Reports”
  • 2/07 - 4/07 Wrote articles for

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