Associated Power Analysts Inc.

Associated Power Analysts Inc.

PO Box 11136 College Station, TX 77842

About the Expert

The Principals at Associated Power Analysts offer experienced forensic engineering and expert witness testimony in electric power. Specialties include: investigation, reconstruction and analysis of system and equipment failures; electrical contact and arc flash injuries; fires and explosions; service outages and damages; codes, standards and work practices; patent issues; and regulatory matters.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Contract Disputes
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Expert's Profile

Associated Power Analysts, Inc. was founded in 1973 to provide consulting services in electric power engineering. Since that time the firm has consulted for a large number of clients including electric utilities and power pools, industrial firms, electrical equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, municipalities, governmental agencies, law firms, and individuals. Services provided have included engineering studies and reports; investigation, reconstruction and analysis of electric power system and equipment failures; investigation, reconstruction and analysis of personal injuries due to electrical contacts and arc flashes; investigation and analysis of electrically related fires and explosions; interpretation and application of codes and standards including NEC, NESC, and OSHA and related work practices; studies and reports relating to electric utility regulatory matters; consulting in intellectual property matters; and the development and application of methods, models, and software for assessing the reliability performance of bulk electric power systems. Many, but not all, of our consulting assignments have involved expert testimony in state and federal courts and before regulatory agencies.

The Principals of the firm are:
A. D. Patton, PhD, PE who specializes in electric power system systems and forensic electrical engineering and expert testimony
Chanan Singh, PhD, PE who specializes in electric power systems reliability and computational methods and data
Dan Wilkerson who specializes in electric utility management, power supply issues, power plants, and electrical forensic analysis and expert testimony

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