Hoyt Layson

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Hoyt Layson

6202 Miramonte Dr Suite 104 Orlando, FL 32835

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25 years experience with GPS Technology Satellites and Receivers Wireless WiFi Cellular RFID Vehicle Fleet Telematics Offender Monitoring Internet Asset Tracking M2M Machine to Machine IoT Internet of Things LBS Location Based Services Patents and GIS Geospatial Information Systems.

Areas of Expertise

  • Communications - Telecommunications
  • Electrical Engineering

Expert's Profile

Experienced in Patent, Civil and Criminal Cases
Providing Expert Witness Testimony and Consulting In the Areas of:
Cyber Security
GPS Technology
Vehicle Black Box
Offender Monitoring (GPS Tracking of Released Criminal Offenders)
LBS (Location Based Services)
M2M (Machine to Machine)
IoT (Internet of Things)
Dash Cam
Body Cam
Driver Cam
Payload Cam
Mobile Video
Surveillance Video
Vehicle Fleet Telematics
Product Testing
Embedded Software (Firmware)
Smart Phone Applications
Embedded Devices
Asset Tracking
Wireless (Cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, RFID)

1 10,231,006 Law enforcement real time digital information chain of custody assurance system and method
2 10,157,188 Released offender geospatial location information clearinghouse
3 10,082,568 E-911 System and Method based on Full Duplex System of Radar Transmitters, Radar Receivers, and Programmable Radar Responsive Tags
4 10,075,541 Released offender geospatial location information user application
5 9,892,608 Released offender geospatial location information trend analysis
6 9,558,645 Released offender geospatial location information trend analysis
7 8,606,865 Location derived messaging system
8 6,405,213 System to correlate crime incidents with a subject’s location using crime incident data and a subject location recording device
9 6,014,080 Body worn active and passive tracking device
10 5,982,281 Offender and victim collision avoidance and advanced warning system
11 5,959,533 Tamper detection for body worn transmitter
12 5,731,757 Portable tracking apparatus for continuous position determination of criminal offenders and victims

Personal Achievements


  • BS Computer Science RIT Highest Honors MS Engineering RIT Highest Honors


  • COMPTIA Security Plus
  • NIST National Medal Of TechnologyNominee 2003

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