Kohler Healthcare Consulting Inc.

Kohler Healthcare Consulting Inc.

Charlotte L Kohler, [RN], CPA, CVA, CRCE-I, CPC, ACS, CHBC, CPCO

2929 Hernwood Road, Woodstock, MD 21163

About the Expert

Results driven consultant and expert witness in cases involving all facets of medical and healthcare relating to business, financial, operational, coding, billing and regulations. Recent work in radiology billing companies, anesthesia, physical therapy, behavioral health, hospital inpatient and outpatient contracting damages and disputes etc.

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic Damages
  • Healthcare Practices and Records
  • Medical Billing, Coding and Insurance

Expert's Profile

Attorneys’ demand experts who can help them evaluate the nuances of the case and craft insightful approaches. That approach should be based on both the detail and the data to drive the high level, meaningful aspects of the case. Charlotte Kohler leads a team of experienced forensic healthcare consultants who have the experience, education and credentials to go beyond addressing what appears to be the rudimentary issue. Health care is complex and we understand how the healthcare payment system, the highly regulated business environment and agency oversight affect healthcare entities and operations. We also understand that rules and regulations from one aspect generally impact multiple aspects. We have the proven ability to bridge the dimensions of the overall functional and regulations of services in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home care, ambulatory surgery centers, durable medical equipment, IDTFs, FQHCs and community health centers. We leverage our knowledge and add to the dimensions of how all of these interact in supporting an expert opinion.

We have successfully supported a variety of cases covering the regulatory aspects of compliance, risk management, coding, documentation and damages regarding anesthesia, acupuncture, behavioral health, cardiology, cardiac cath, chemotherapy, chiropractic services, dental, emergency services, faculty practice plans (teaching programs), family practice, internal medicine, OB/GYN, orthopedic, ophthalmology, pediatric, physical therapy, primary care, pulmonology/sleep centers, psychiatric (professional and hospital-adult and adolescent), radiology, radiation oncology, urgent care, and wellness centers.

Kohler HealthCare provides a combination of skills, experience and resources to resolve complex disputes that arise in the confusing world of healthcare. We have seasoned consultants with expertise in nursing, administration, revenue cycle, coding and health information, and compliance. We also specialize in the following unique areas: billing company compliance and performance, central business office compliance and performance, insurance company payment methodology, independent review organization, accounts receivable management, nursing productivity and compliance, overall internal controls and compliance for all healthcare related organizations.

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