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Phillips, Fractor, and Company, your expert solution for economic, financial, statistical, managerial, valuation, accounting, and complex analyses. Our team is comprised of experts and consultants who blend active academic careers with real-world experience in a variety of fields.

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Business Valuations
Construction Claims
Economic Consulting
Economic Damages
Financial Matters
Forensic Accounting
Intellectual Property
Medical Malpractice
Surveys and Opinions

Expert's Profile

The Phillips, Fractor & Co. team has a wide range of experts and consultants available. The following list includes some of the practice areas where we have had significant experience. While not exhaustive by any means, it is representative of our practice.

We have the experience and team to solve your consulting and research problems no matter the size or complexity. (Besides our core team of experts and consults team, we have active relationships with many other scholars and industry experts who are available to fill key roles on our research teams when needed.)

Please take a look at the following practice areas and sample cases for ideas how Phillips, Fractor & Co. can be a key part of your team. We look forward to discussing your consulting and research needs with you.
• Economic loss analysis in a wrongful birth matter.
• Loss of earnings analysis for a self-employed graphic designer.
• Loss of earnings analysis for a self-employed route salesperson.
• Loss estimation under maritime law for cases involving seamen and dock workers.
• Earnings and related losses in many asbestos cases.
• Economic loss resulting from a disabling injury sustained by a prominent sports figure.
• Valuing losses to a potential defense contractor, including profits from potential subsequent and follow-up contracts, when its partner-firm withdrew from the partnership just prior to the bid deadline
• Estimating the warranty loss sustained by owners of a large windmill farm.
• Analyzing the nationwide allocation of asbestos damages and modeling the relative economic impact on defendants.
• Valuing the “taking” losses sustained by a large landowner from the down-zoning of his property.
• Estimating the damages sustained by a nationwide class of defective water heater owners
• Evaluating nationwide automobile leases for a major auto manufacturer in order to evaluate possible disparate treatment by leasing agents.
• Estimating the value of an internet domain name.
• Estimating the impact of landfills on the values of surrounding real estate.
• Estimating the enterprise value of a prominent entertainment franchise.
• Analyzing the georgia-pacific factors and estimating the economic losses associated with unlicensed technology use and estimating appropriate royalty rates.
• Estimating the economic impact of superfund clean-up requirements on an eminent domain valuation.
• Estimating the potential value of a consumer class action for purposes of voting rights in a separate bankruptcy case.
• Estimating the impact of computers, the internet, and music download services on the sales of recorded music.
• Estimating the economic value of a long-term business relationship.
• Estimating the “true value” of securities and consequent damage estimates in numerous open-market securities class actions, including major 10b5 and other 34 act cases and 33 act cases.
• Measuring the economic impact of refund anticipation loans and evaluating the true interest cost compared to other types of one-time consumer fees.
• Assessing the reasonableness of legal fees in a coupon-settlement in a high-profile new jersey consumer class action case.
• Evaluating the pricing policies for a national chain of truck stops.
• Measuring probabilities of stock option grant dates coinciding with low market days for a board of directors concerned about possible option-backdating exposure.
• Analyzing market share and antitrust claims associated with a major specialty medical practice.
• Evaluating the economic risk in stock portfolios subject to the uniform prudent investors act.
• Valuing a corporate officer’s interest in a firm buy-out when substantial cross-purchases were involved.
• Computing market share statistics for hart-scott-rodino filings.
• Valuing a terminated executive’s ownership interest in an internet start-up company.
• Valuing the complex compensation package owed to a terminated real estate development executive.
• Valuing the disruption of a film director’s career when the director was precluded from working.
• Valuing the economic loss resulting from a disabling injury sustained by a prominent sports figure.
• Valuing unpaid overtime for a multiple locations employer.
• Assessing mitigation efforts.
• Assessing “independent contractor” status.
• Designed and implemented statistical sampling for bell v. Farmers-type analysis for wage and hour losses.
• Analysis of class commonality.
• Analysis of corporate employment records for possible unequal treatment.
• Analysis of reliance in securities class actions.
• Estimation of class damages for defective water heaters.
• Survey to estimate unpaid overtime, missed meal breaks, missed rest breaks, and working off the clock.
• Analysis of amounts due to a class member as a result of “tip pooling.”
• Survey to assess alleged misclassification of “independent contractors.”
• Survey of consumer perceptions.
• Survey to assess unreimbursed business expenses.
• Tracked cash flows to determine the net worth of an organization in a privately owned financial services company.
• Assessed the net worth of corporations in asbestos class action trials.
• Evaluated accounting and financial records to assess the impact of an alleged contract violation on a retail entity’s revenues and profits.
• Determined that the sale price of a company that was sold to its managers was based on fraudulent numbers and fraudulent financial statements.
• Estimated unpaid commissions pursuant to a complicated contract.
• Lost profits from process failures in the manufacture of medical devices and solutions.
• Statistical “lifetime value” estimates for customer lists and proprietary resources.
• Lost reputation and sales from catastrophic “cold weather failure” due to faulty o-rings.
• Estimating losses sustained by a telephone entertainment company due to delayed infrastructure development.
• Measuring the “internet presence” of prominent art photography as part of an assessment of the art portfolio value.
• Assessing damages to workers if they were not paid according to prevailing wage rules.
• Estimating amount of economic substance in limited partnerships.
• Assessing statistical bias from methods used to determining lease rates for an underground easement.
• Assessing whether a payroll rounding policy favored, was neutral to, or harmed workers.
• Estimating loss from misuse of trade-secrets.
• Statistical testing whether two telephone directories likely came from the same underlying graphics copy.
• Analyzing the fair value of a major entertainment franchise.
• Analyzing opposing survey and sampling implementations to determine consistency and appropriateness of methodology.

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