Origin And Cause Inc.

Origin And Cause Inc.

1336 Sandhill Drive Ancaster, ON L9G4V

About the Expert

The largest firm of its kind in the country, Origin and Cause provides cross-disciplinary forensic expertise services to insurance companies, law firms, independent adjusters, and corporate risk managers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Forensic Disciplines
  • Fire & Explosion Investigation
  • Machinery & Industrial Equipment
  • Mechanical Engineering

Expert's Profile

We’ve been a trusted leader for over 20 years, helping our clients discover the truth by determining the facts through expert investigation. Our team has completed over 30,000 cases, so you know you’re working with highly trained, extremely skilled professionals with years of hands-on experience.

Our reputation is built on our integrity and commitment to the facts, and we guarantee unbiased opinions through careful scientific methodology, examination and laboratory testing.

Our team of cross-disciplinary forensic experts offer an incredible suite of investigative and consulting services, ready to assist you with your needs 24/7. As a full service provider, we cover all major engineering disciplines including:

Fire & Explosion Investigation
Every fire or explosion is a completely unique situation with its own story, characteristics and complexities. Putting all the facts together is like completing a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the picture looks like. Our qualified experts have the vision and knowledge to put all the pieces together, and come up with an accurate picture of the origin and cause of the incident.

All investigations are based on a systematic approach and deep understanding of fire science. Every case involves the careful analysis and proper documentation of physical evidence from the scene, followed by thorough and timely written investigative reports.

We specialize in a variety of loss types including:
- Commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial property losses
- Vehicles of all types, including marine vessels

Materials & Metallurgical Engineering
When a component or defective piece of equipment fails, it’s up to a materials engineer to figure out why. They will start by gathering key information about the way the item was used, the materials used in its manufacture, its service history and failure rate. Then, using laboratory tests and other scientific investigative techniques, they will determine the root cause of the product failure or injury.

Chemical Engineering
The proper identification of chemical compounds is crucial to proving or disproving the facts of an incident. We employ a variety of analytical methods that can reveal chemical changes that may have occurred, and help reconstruct the sequence of events.

In the event of an industrial process failure or contamination, or if personal injury results from a claim, we can assist you in identifying the cause(s) of the incident.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical forensic engineers investigate failures in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems, and determine the causes of personal injury and fires suspected to be caused by electrical failures.

Our services include investigations of electrical and electronic systems on private, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties, ships, vehicles, equipment, power systems and transformers.

Mechanical Engineering
In the event of a mechanical malfunction, failure or damage, our mechanical engineering experts apply scientific methods and techniques to determine the origin and the cause of the incident in question.

Our mechanical engineers are highly skilled in analyzing a device or system to determine how and why, under the set of conditions to which the device was subjected, an unintended event may have occurred. They examine/test mechanical components and devices to determine both modes of failure and compliance with regulatory codes and industry standards.

Areas of expertise include:
- Industrial machinery
- Vehicle components
- Consumer products
- Highway vehicles
- Heavy equipment

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