Advantagement, LLC

Advantagement, LLC

Bill Greene

PO Box 30325 Palm Beach, FL 33420

About the Expert

I am an accomplished versatilist who has been involved in bringing beneficial technology solutions and options to business and industry for my entire 35+ year career.

Areas of Expertise

  • Failure Analysis
  • Metallurgy
  • Product Reliability
  • Products Liability

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What We Do

We measure a physical product (not software, not sound, etc.), with millions of data points and compare the scan file to references such as computer aided designs, blueprints, exemplars, determining if the product was
made wrong
assembled wrong
installed wrong or
used wrong.

We thoroughly but concisely explain the modern technology we use for analysis. The scope of information can range from simple numerical dimensions to full visual illustrations. Depending on your needs, we’ll report dimensions against the blueprint, or compare an actual part to the CAD model with an interactive dynamic color plot. We can even explain intricate statistical comparisons of part-to-part geometries effectively in layperson’s terms.

We report our findings, with an engineering assessment and careful review of the manufacturing process. Our decades of collective experience in measuring and analyzing precision parts and assemblies lend credibility to our conclusions about product quality, performance, issues, and liability/fault assessment.

Because of our unparalleled understanding of the entire geometry, we know how to determine and confirm the root causes of failures and non-conformances.

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