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James Jacobs

227 Tewksbury Ave Pt. Richmond, CA 94801

About the Expert

Forensic hydrogeologist estimates costs and performs soil and groundwater contamination assessment and remediation. Books written on hydraulic fracturing (fracking), oil spills, acid mine drainage,chromium, and MTBE. Fulbright Scholar and licensed engineering contractor and driller. Interested in oil/gas field OSHA safety, spills and accidents.

Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental
  • Geology

Expert's Profile

James A. Jacobs, P.G., C.H.G., C.P.G., C.Pet.G., QSD/QSP has over three decades of experience as a geologist and practices nation-wide. He is licensed as a Professional Geologist in AK, AR, CA, ID, OR, PA, TX, WA, WY. He is a Certified Hydrogeologist in CA and WA and he is the qualifying individual for an engineering contractor and drillers license. He is focused on answering geologic and forensic questions related to costs of environmental impairment on real property and mitigation measures. He develops site histories by collecting, describing, and analyzing soil, rock, groundwater, vapor and stormwater samples. Other projects relate to peer review and contractor safety and cost evaluation. Since 1990, he has worked extensively on and written widely about the assessment and remediation of soil and groundwater impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals and nitrates. Forensic studies have been used to identify the source of contaminants and current locations in the subsurface along with the chemical associations helps to provide information as to the possible age of the compounds, the use, storage and disposal of the industrial chemicals. Contaminants studied have included gasoline, diesel, motor oil, fuel oil, crude oil, benzene, toluene, tetrachloroethylene (PCE), trichloroethylene (TCE), 1,1,1-trichloroethane (1,1,1-TCA), 1,4-dioxane, Freon 11, chromium and Cr(VI), lead, arsenic, nickel, zinc and nitrates. Jacobs is a Fulbright Senior Scholar winning 4 awards in environmental engineering and science teaching post-graduate classes and workshops in risk-based subsurface environmental management and sustainable remediation methods, including field sampling methods, laboratory analysis, data evaluation and reporting. He has given professional workshops and short courses through many associations, including Association for the Environment, Health and Sciences, American Institute for Professional Geologists, Battelle Conference, and others. Jacobs is a Certified Professional Geologist and a Certified Petroleum Geologist, and he has performed projects related to oil field lease evaluations and cleanup estimates. Since 2002, he has been an elected director of two public agencies, a local sewer district, and a community services district. As such he is interested in I&I issues and sewer gas and volatile contaminant vapor intrusion into indoor air spaces via ineffective vapor seals on fixtures or dry P-traps in buildings.

Litigation Experience: Jacobs has worked on dozens of litigation projects since 1990, and numerous depositions and expert testimony for both plaintiff (60%) and defense (40%) lawyers. Some cases require forensic identification and development of mitigation measures for contaminants in soil and groundwater. Other cases involve reviewing contractor safety documents and invoices, oil lease cleanup, sewer and septic issues, soil fungi, indoor mold, clandestine labs, OSHA worker safety, remediation cost recovery, erosion control, stormwater treatment, oil pipeline leaks, crude oil spills, and proper disclosure during real estate transactions.

Personal Achievements


  • BA; English; Geology, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, 1978
  • MA; Geology, University of Texas, Austin, TX, 1981


  • Professional Geologist: California #4815; Alaska #A227, Arizona #39066, Idaho #693, Oregon #G-1147, Pennsylvania: # 1152G, Texas Geology #11552, Wyoming: #PG-2328, Washington #1815
  • Certified Hydrogeologist: California #0088, Washington #1815
  • Registered Environmental Assessor I: California # 1511; REA II: #20171 (program discontinued).
  • Certified Professional Geologist, American Institute of Professional Geologists, # 7760
  • Certified Petroleum Geologist, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, #6231
  • Registered Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner: AHERA Accredited; OLA Registration # 0000450
  • Responsible Managing Officer: License #624461: General Engineering Contractor,
  • Certified for Asbestos Abatement, Hazardous Materials Removal, C-57 Well Drilling.
  • California Commercial Driver License: C with Hazmat Endorsement
  • California Qualified Storm Water SWPPP Developer (QSD) and Preparer (QSP); Certificate #21430
  • Responsible Managing Employee: California State License Board (CSLB): General Engineering (A), certified for Haz-Mat Removal, Drilling (C-57), Asbestos Abatement and Building (B)

Special Training

  • TAUGHT: OSHA HAZWOPER (40 hr.); OSHA 8-hr. Refreshers;
  • Completed:
  • 40 Hour OSHA (29 CFR 1910.120), 1989
  • 8 Hour OSHA Confined Space Training, 1995.
  • 8 Hour OSHA Competent Person Training, 1994.
  • 8 Hour OSHA Supervisors Management Training, 1993
  • Transportation Training: DOT 49 CFR Parts 171-177, 1994
  • Corporate Health and Safety Officer: 1990 to 2000
  • Current 8-hr. refresher classes for OSHA and Asbestos Inspector

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