Bonny J. Forrest, JD, Ph.D.

Bonny J. Forrest, JD, Ph.D.

555 Front Street, Suite 1403 San Diego, CA 92101

About the Expert

I am a psychologist and attorney with specialized training in neuropsychology. I have substantial research and teaching experience in academic settings, and I devote most of my time to clinical work that involves the assessment and treatment of a wide range of mental health issues. After post-doctoral work at Yale, Columbia and the National Institute of Mental Health, I directed clinics serving large populations as well as conducting my own private practice.

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  • Psychology

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Before becoming a psychologist, I practiced as an attorney for a decade in major national firms. During that time, I supervised complex litigations, including death-penalty cases.

As a psychologist, I have testified successfully both in court and in depositions (including surviving a Daubert challenge and testifying for eight days in Federal court), and have been appointed as a parent coordinator by the court in high-conflict divorce proceedings. My work as an expert benefits from my experiences as a litigator employing expert witnesses, taking and defending depositions, and preparing for trials. I have also participated in a number of Individual Education Plan proceedings.

I have given lectures for attorneys, judges, parents and psychologists on a variety of topics. I also provide commentary frequently on local and national television and radio.

I am a very active member of a number of professional organizations and non-profits, serving in a number of leadership positions, including the following: American Psychological Association, National Academy of Neuropsychology, San Diego Psychological Association, and the Immigration Justice Project of the American Bar Association.

My book on mental health treatment and diagnosis will be published in the Fall of 2014 by Chicago Review Press. I have a number of publications and I am an Associate Editor of Child Neuropsychology.

My specialty certifications are numerous, including infant preschool mental health and a variety of evidence-based treatments.

I am licensed to practice in California and New York but have traveled for work where appropriate under local law.

Personal Achievements


  • Licensed Psychologist: NY (01), MD (02), DC (03) and CA (09)


  • Member, American Psychological Association
  • International Neuropsychological Society
  • Association of Directors of Psychology Training Clinics

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