Accident Prevention  & Investigation, Inc.

Accident Prevention & Investigation, Inc.

Ken Shorter, MS, CSP, ARM, TCDS

5916 Foxhall Manor Drive Baltimore, MD 21228

About the Expert

Focused on construction, demolition, traffic control, public injury & industrial accidents. Master’s Degree in Safety. Certified Safety Professional. Certified traffic control designer. ANSI A10 Committee member. Crane, forklift, trench, underground utilities, heavy equipment, falls, confined spaces, & other high-risk operations are my specialty.

Areas of Expertise

  • Crane
  • Demolition
  • Fall Protection
  • Machinery & Industrial Equipment
  • Safety Engineering
  • Safety OSHA

Expert's Profile

Ken Shorter, MS, CSP, ARM, TCDS

My basic qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Safety, Certified Safety Professional, Certified Traffic Control Design Specialist, and 30 years of hands-on experience managing safety operations, training personnel, investigating accidents, and advising top management.

As a member of the ANSI A10 Committee for Construction and Demolition Operations, I have unique experience developing safety standards for these industries. I am also thoroughly experienced with OSHA, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Navy, ASME, ASTM, NFPA, traffic control (MUTCD), pipeline, and other safety standards. My library is extensive.

My experience includes directing safety for a billion dollar plus project and multi-state safety operations for highways, buildings, demolition work, and heavy construction projects including; bridges, pipelines, tunnels, rapid transit systems, subways, marine projects, dams, hydro-electric plants, hazardous material sites, landfills, airports, hospitals, and data centers.

I have extensive training and field experience with cranes, rigging, forklifts, aerial lifts, multi-purpose lifting machines, steel erection, and pre-cast concrete erection. My background includes three years training people to develop, review, and approve “critical lift” plans for Navy contracts.

My broad earthmoving experience ranges from crews installing underground utilities to a massive waterway project that moved millions of cubic yards of dirt. I routinely worked with numerous crews who used the one call utility marking service, dug test pits, dug utility trenches, installed shoring, used trench boxes, performed confined space entries, and pressure tested pipelines.

I also have large-scale building construction experience ranging from excavating the basement to installing the roof and everything in between. It includes complex facilities such as hospitals, research facilities, and 24/7/365 computer data centers.

Throughout my career I have received focused training and in-depth experience with fall protection, heavy equipment, trucking, paving, temporary traffic control, ladders, scaffolds, shoring, reinforcing steel, poured concrete, masonry, welding/cutting, pile driving, mining, electrical systems, arc flash/arc blast, power tools, barges, and other marine operations.

I excel at performing in-depth investigations to explain the issues involved in multi-employer construction sites. I am also experienced handling large, complex, multi-party, and multi-issue cases.

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