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Michael J. Levas

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About the Expert

Michael J. Levas is a seasoned professional with an unparalleled level of expertize as an expert witness in all securities and investment management related matters. Olympian Capital Markets Consulting, L.L.C. specializes in a range of expert witness services including: Securities & Shareholder Litigation: expert witness and advisory roles for stocks, bonds, commodities, alternative investments and broker / investment advisor litigation. Securities Case Consultation: we provide a practitioners viewpoint to give you an independent opinion and answers for a comprehensive range of asset management questions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Investment Banking
  • Securities

Expert's Profile

Michael J. Levas is Founder & Managing Principal of Olympian Capital Markets Consulting, L.L.C..

Mr. Levas has extensive experience in the investment management business, and comprehensive knowledge of securities, investment management, and alternative funds as well as in-depth understanding of market dynamics and practices.

Michael J. Levas is the Co-Founder, Senior Managing Principal & Chief Investment Officer of Asclepius Life Sciences Fund, L.P. and Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Asclepius Ventures, L.P. Mr. Levas manages investments in multi-asset classes in public and private companies within a construct to de-risk investments. In the public markets, Asclepius utilizes scientific, financial and technical analysis to manage specific opportunities by identifying and capitalizing on catalyst-driven events. In the private markets, Asclepius de-risks investments by establishing deep insights on the drug development and approval process in the highest growth areas of Life Sciences including Rare Diseases, Immuno-Oncology, Inflammatory Diseases, Specialty Pharma and Medical Devices.

Mr. Levas’s successful career, spanning over 30 years, includes positions in leading Wall St. firms (Lehman Bros., S.G. Cowen, UBS Paine Webber, Bear Stearns, and Advest) and encompasses all facets of capital growth, portfolio development and risk management, with proven ability in development of a loyal client base of high net-worth individuals and institutional investors. Mr. Levas has strong business and financial insights, with demonstrated ability in market analysis, business creation, and development of prudent investment strategies. He has managed in excess of $500 million in investment assets during his career.

Olympian Capital Markets Consulting L.L.C. provides:
-Consulting to asset management firms, hedge funds and privately held companies on private equity and capital raising in the public markets.
-Expert witness services on various topics within the securities and investment management industry.
-Management consulting and advisory services on financial data implementation and conversion, market structure issues, and regulatory compliance.

Mr, Levas has served as an expert witness for the Department of Justice and several leading law firms throughout the United States.
-Mr. Levas is a frequent contributor to various investment related periodicals on market strategy and technical analysis. He has been featured throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia and in numerous publications, and media outlets including BusinessWeek, Dow Jones Newswires, Smart Money, Hedge Fund Manager Week, Absolute Return, Canadian Hedge Watch, Euromoney, Economic Times, International Securities Finance, Buy-Side Technology, Securities Industry News, Alternative Investment Review, Advanced Trading, Markets Media Magazine, The Trade News, TradeTech, Waters, Reuters, Bloomberg, CCTV Intl. & National Public Radio.

His specialties include: momentum trading, actively managed portfolios, multi asset & macro trading, FX trading, listed option trading, call & put writing, and spreads. In addition, Mr. Levas has extensive executive and senior level operational experience in various aspects of founding and managing asset management firms, broker-dealers & hedge funds.

Mr. Levas currently holds the Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) designation from the American Academy of Financial Management. Mr. Levas completed investment management studies at Harvard Business School, and Global Investment Risk Management at The University of Oxford Said Business School. Additionally, Mr. Levas completed the Hedge Fund Programme at The London Business School. He is a current member of the CFA Institute, Securities Traders Association of NY, and formerly served on the 2008/2009 board of directors of The Hedge Fund Association and was a Federal registered lobbyist for the H.F.A.

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