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Carl Weil

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About the Expert

Carl Weil has earned many credentials helpful to his 40+ years of expert witness work. He became the first Master Fellow in 2012 of the 3,000 member Wilderness Medical Society. He has reviewed over 2500 outdoor businesses in the US, Canada and abroad as a risk manager. He has worked on approximately 300 cases as an expert. Expertise are also included in rock climbing, climbing gyms, mountaineering, equestrian, Archery, Agriculture Appraisals, Camps, Camp Skills, Equine, Guiding, General Aviation, Livestock, Horses, Hunting, Outdoor Recreation, Ranching - both guest and working, Resorts, Rope courses, Rock Climbing - gyms and out of doors, Shooting Sports, Schools, Water sports, Wilderness Medicine, Emergency Medical Service, agricultural appraisal

Areas of Expertise

  • Agricultural Operations
  • Horses
  • Outdoor Recreation

Expert's Profile

Mr. Weil grew up on a family ranch in the Colorado Mountains and is a third generation guide. Public presentations in safety are frequent. He has a list of peer reviewed and non peer reviewed publications which follows. His unique monograph presentation on levels of outdoor liability and responsibility before the Wilderness Education Association was positively received. Scholastically he has undergraduate degrees and many hours of on going graduate work. He has been accepted as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases. He has worked on cases from coast to coast as well as out of the USA. Often he can review a case and offer an opinion without travel expense. He offers a free initial review.

Personal Achievements


  • Radio operator 3rd class, former
  • Commercial pilot SEL, MEL, BAH / WOABH
  • Emergency Medical Technician Wilderness I/C IV/MAST, former
  • Two Honorable Discharges, USMC
  • Rifle & Pistol Instructor, NRA
  • Certified Insurance Counselor conferred by examination 1978
  • Insurance, Surplus Lines Broker, former
  • Colorado Real-estate Agent, former
  • National ski patrol Instructor / Trainer, former
  • State of Colorado First Responder Examiner, former
  • State of Colorado First Responder School Director, former
  • State of Colorado EMT Training center Director, former
  • Master of Leave No Trace


  • American Alpine Club (M, S, and C0
  • Access Fund (M, S, C)
  • Adirondack Mountain Club (M)
  • Appalachian Mountain Club (M)
  • American Mountain Guides Assoc. (past M Professional, C, S)
  • Boulder Mountaineering School (M, V)
  • Colorado Mountain Club (M, C, S)
  • Mountain Summit Conferences (C, S)
  • National Sports Paddle Association (C)
  • Seattle Mountaineers (C)
  • White Mesa Institute/College of Eastern Utah (V, C)
  • Wilderness Medicine Outfitters (C, S, M)
  • Wilderness Medical Society (V, C, S, M)
  • UIAA (S)


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