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Apollo Business Solutions/The Taormina Group

Tom Taormina

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I am a consulting and testifying expert in products liability and organizational negligence. While other experts are attempting to prove causes and origins, we provide scientific evidence that the defendant company did or did not exercise and appropriate standard of care.

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Design Defects
Duty Of Care
Manufacturing Defects
Products Liability
Quality Issues
Quality Standards
Standard of Care
Supply Chain & Warehousing

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Tom Taormina - Expert Witness

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Tom is a consulting and testifying expert in products liability and organizational negligence. His unique niche is conducting formal assessments of defendant companies to determine if they exhibited an appropriate or negligent standard of care in introducing their products or services to the stream of commerce.

Tom’s proprietary methodology has been trademarked Forensic Business Pathology™ and has been an accepted credential by attorneys and judges. It is documented in his 11th book, Foreseeable Risk commissioned by Lawyers and Judges Publishing.

With a perspective cultivated from having worked with more than 700 companies, Tom Taormina brings a unique talent for precision problem diagnosis, strategic thinking and effective written and verbal communications skills to his work as a quality consultant, trainer and liability avoidance expert and expert witness.

Tom was a member of the team at Mission Control in Houston during the Apollo 13 disaster and recovery. His experiences during his 14 years at NASA formed the foundation for his ability to rapidly analyze problems and diagnose solutions.

Tom was part of the early evolution of Quality Control Engineering at NASA. Beyond writing standards for process excellence, he also pioneered early breakthroughs in supply chain management. This skill set makes him an effective business consultant and insightful expert witness in products liability and organizational negligence.

Personal Achievements


  • American Society for Quality


  • Foreseeable Risk: Lowering the Costs of Products Liability Litigation and Lives Lost, Lawyers and Judges Publishing, (2011) ISBN 978-1-936630-00-0 (2011)

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