Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services

Nelson A. Locke, Esq.

7800 Preston Road; Suite 118 Plano, TX 75024

About the Expert

Mortgage Industry Compliance Attorney and Consultant. Expert Witness certified in several state courts. Admin Law Specialist. Medical Marijuana Dispensary Attorney. Juris Doctor. Admitted to the Florida, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and California Federal Bars. Admitted to the California State Bar. Of Counsel in several states.

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Matters
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Fraud
  • Mortgages

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More Areas of Expertise
• Mortgage Broker Compliance
• Mortgage Lender Compliance
• Settlement Service Provider Compliance
• Expert Witness
• Medical Marijuana Dispensary Attorney
• Federally related Mortgage Industry Matters

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