Nicholas Co.

Nicholas Co.

Nick Nicholas, CRE CCIM MAI

8150 N. Central Expwy. Suite 835 Dallas, TX 75206

About the Expert

“Nick Nicholas brings tremendous knowledge, experience and credibility to the table on every assignment. He is a critical thinker and a man of integrity. I highly recommend Nick for any real estate related expert or litigation support consulting engagement.” — Robert D. McTaggart, Esq., McTaggart & Beasley, PLLC

Areas of Expertise

  • Appraisal Real Estate
  • Real Estate Commercial
  • Real Estate Standard of Care

Expert's Profile

Nicholas Co. is a diversified commercial real estate firm providing brokerage, development, expert consulting, real property appraisal and property tax consulting services to corporate and private clients. We are results focused—achieving a high degree of success in meeting our client’s goals and objectives. Our clients receive the benefits of expert knowledge, maximum effort, trustworthiness, dependable and highly-professional performance and representation.

Our litigation support and expert witness services include but are not limited to:

- Expert Witness / Litigation Support
- Analysis of Case Merits
- Professional Second Opinions
- Appraisal and Evaluation
- Real Property Damages
- Eminent Domain Representation
- Real Estate Fraud
- Landlord / Tenant Disputes
- Buyer / Seller Disputes
- Broker Legal and Ethics
- Broker Responsibility
- Real Estate Receivership
- Due Diligence and Feasibility
- Development Process Consulting

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