Vaughn C. Pearson

Vaughn C. Pearson

Vaughn Pearson

Dallas, TX 75248

About the Expert

Financial services litigation support, consulting, and seminars. Practicing commercial banking expert with 25 years of executive-level bank lending/credit experience and 15 years of financial advisory services in large and small consulting organizations. State-appointed supervisor of troubled banks, including heavy involvement with boards of directors and executive management. Vetted by FDIC to head bank liquidation teams. Significant report writing, deposition, and trial experience. Forensic Expert Witness Association professional member. IMS-designated EliteXpert.

Areas of Expertise

  • Banking
  • Management Consulting

Expert's Profile


Personal Achievements


  • AB – Duke
  • MBA – Tulane

Special Training

  • Southwestern Graduate School of Banking (with distinction)


  • Forensic Expert Witness Association
  • Risk Management Association
  • American Bankers Association


  • Articles for The RMA Journal: Community banking in crisis, Bank governance, Board selection, Credit litigation, Developing small business

Military service

  • Navy - Lt., Supply Corps

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