Sylvia Kessler Enterprises LLC

Sylvia Kessler Enterprises LLC

Sylvia Kessler

21909 Quail Ridge Elkhorn, NE 68022

About the Expert

I am a competent,court qualified Certified Forensic Document Examiner/Handwriting Expert/Expert Witness, w/more than 30 years experience working with integrity. Vast experience with the identification of handwriting & signatures, including disguised, simulated and genuine. Created Signature ID Test.

Areas of Expertise

  • Document Examination Forensic
  • Handwriting

Expert's Profile

It is important to choose the best person to work with when you are looking for an expert at identification of handwriting and/or signatures. Just like any other profession, not all examiners are equal.

There are many document examiners available and some of them are not competent at knowing how to identify genuine, disguised and simulate or forged signatures.

I developed the Signature ID Test for examiners to test themselves and really learn about their own error rate or accuracy rate.

I further support the attorneys that retain me with litigation support, which includes questions and exhibits that prove the opinion for the "trier of fact" making the attorney a real hero in the eyes of the court and the client.

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