CMC Advisors Inc.

CMC Advisors Inc.

Wayne Citron

6 Carter Dr. Marlboro, NJ 07746

About the Expert

Mr. Citron is an expert in forensic reconstruction of insurance transactions, specializing in policy interpretation of the rules, laws and regulations governing insurance and financial matters. I have been licensed for 45 years as a life insurance agent, broker, and consultant.

Areas of Expertise

  • Insurance - Bad Faith
  • Insurance - Customs and Practices
  • Insurance - Health / HMO / Disability
  • Insurance - Life & Annuities
  • Insurance - Property Casualty
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers - Standard of Care

Expert's Profile

In 1972, I established the Citron Agency and CMC Advisors Inc. My duties included executive and
managerial responsibilities, sales, service, compliance with all insurance matters as well as securities laws and regulations.Both firms are leaders in life, health, disability and property and casualty insurance.

I am a registered representative for securities sales, licensed by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD & FINRA). Attended the College of Insurance in New York City and New York City Community College with emphasis on business practices.

Also served as an instructor for Prudential Insurance Company Brooklyn Agency (1973) educating
personnel in life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, property & casualty insurance,
insurance underwriting and insurance law. I have solicited insurance, completed applications read and reviewed various life, health, disability and property and casualty insurance policies for Prudential Insurance Company, United States Life Insurance Company, North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, American General Life Insurance Company, William Penn Life Insurance Company, American Life Insurance Company, Presidential Life Insurance Company, Bankers Security Insurance Company, Madison Life Insurance Company, Chubb Insurance Company, Travelers Insurance Company, Scottsdale Insurance Company, American International Group (AIG) Insurance Company, Sentry Select Insurance Company, Selective Insurance Company, Mass Mutual Insurance Company, John Hancock Insurance Company, Federal Insurance Company, National Flood Insurance Company, Bankers Life and Casualty Insurance Company among other companies.

White paper on National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and FEMA presented to Senator Robert Menendez N.J., Senator Cory Booker N.J., Representative Frank Pallone, Representative Chris N.J. and Asbury Park Press Newspaper (2015).

“Wayne provided insurance consulting services in a lawsuit on my client's behalf. His testimony was so beneficial that we were able to use that expert report to defeat plaintiff's claim for health insurance premiums in excess of $250,000; and, have the claim dismissed.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Brent Maggio

“I can say without reservation that Wayne has an expert understanding of insurance coverage. He has a mastery of policy content and can articulate it clearly.”
Linda Klafter

“Wayne's diligence with respect to his business decisions is unparalleled. One can feel reassured that his actions will be based on copious amounts of research leading to objective conclusions.
Wayne is able to separate professional from personal better than most, and I am privileged to be able to make this recommendation.”
Victoria Amato
Entertainer at Pat O' Brien's

“Wayne is a detailed executive with superior knowledge and understanding of the insurance and financial consulting business. His experience in these arenas is unsurpassed. He is extremely aware of the bottom line and very sensitive to his client's needs while performing at a 110% level.”
Doug Gober
Senior Loan Officer/Owner
Live Oak Bank

"Wayne advised us on our insurance claim after Hurricane Katrina. His one-hour fee was repaid a hundred fold in the knowledge he shared with us about how to deal with the insurance company. Also on one previous occasion after I had been dealing with an insurance company to get paid for months, Wayne freed up the money with one call to his friend the president of said insurance company in New York. What more can I say?”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
John Autin
Owner, Rabadash Records and Music Consultant

“Wayne served as my expert witness in litigation against a broker for failure to procure an appropriate policy. His report was well written and detailed and assisted me in negotiating a favorable settlement at mediation.”
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time
Kevin J. O'Connor
Lum, Drasco & Positan LLC

Personal Achievements


  • Presently licensed in New Jersey and Louisiana. When I was actively selling insurance, I held an agent, broker and consultant license issued by, but not limited to the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Mississippi, Arizona, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Virginia, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Vermont, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Alabama and by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD & FINRA).


  • Impact Magazine published by Prudential Insurance Company devoted an entire issue to my career and abilities.
  • I have been the recipient of various awards and accolades including:
  • Life Member - Million Dollar Round Table.
  • Life Member - Top of the Table.
  • National Sales Achievement Award (20 years).
  • National Quality Award (20 years).
  • Health Insurance Quality Award (20 years).
  • National Association of Health Underwriters.
  • Leading Producers Award.


  • (2010, 2011, 2012) by Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys (TASA).
  • The New York Sentinel (1992-2002), covering all aspects of insurance and finance.
  • Written various insurance industry papers on assorted policies and regulations (1983-1994).
  • Articles published in The Financial Consultant (1990).
  • Published Universal Life “The World Is Flat” (1986).
  • Featured correspondent for The Staten Island Advance (1982) with regard to insurance, investment and financial matters.
  • Consulted by Crain’s Business Weekly on insurance matters.

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