David Thirkill

David Thirkill

David Thirkill

24 Powder Hill Road Bedford, NH 03110

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Over 40 years experience in the P&C business. Held senior management positions. Presented many conferences. Member of task forces. ARIAS certified arbitrator and umpire, appointed in over 190 disputes. Expert witness to various cases.

Areas of Expertise

  • Insurance - Property Casualty
  • Reinsurance

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Over 40 years experience in the insurance and reinsurance industries, concentrating on worldwide property & casualty business. Operated in Gibraltar, the London Market, Bermuda and the United States.

Held senior management positions including the Chair of a Group of Companies, and President of others. Presented at numerous industry conferences. Member of various task forces and committees of industry associations.

Since 2005, full time arbitrator and expert witness. Certified as an arbitrator and umpire by ARIAS-US and as an arbitrator by ARIAS-UK. On the ICDR Roster of Neutrals.

Began career at Lloyds of London in the late 1960’s before moving to Gibraltar becoming Managing Director of a reinsurance company and a start up local insurance subsidiary.

1978, joined an international group, first in Bermuda to head a captive insurance operation before returning to London to head an International Casualty Division.

1987, returned to Bermuda as President and Chief Underwriter of a finite reinsurer before, in the mid-1990’s moving full time to the United States to help form two insurance companies writing catastrophe insurance in Florida.

1999, joined a leading run-off organization to manage middle market insurance subsidiaries of the organization, ceded reinsurance and disputes.

2005 became a full time arbitrator - have been appointed in over 190 disputes as party appointed or umpire in matters including reinsurance and direct insurance matters on a variety of issues.

Have acted as party appointed for insurers, ceding companies and reinsurers, been an expert witness on a variety of subjects and a mediator numerous times.

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