Insurance Expert Network, LLC

Insurance Expert Network, LLC

Douglas R. Emerick

364 West Trenton Ave Suite 6 Morrisville, PA 19067

About the Expert

IEN is a network of highly qualified insurance experts for litigation support, mediation, and arbitration. There is no charge for referrals. IEN experts have expertise in over 125 insurance disciplines. IEN pre-screens experts for case- specific conflict resolution. IEN experts are located nationwide and the referral is often completed within 48 hours.

Areas of Expertise

  • Insurance - Customs and Practices
  • Insurance - Health / HMO / Disability
  • Insurance - Life & Annuities
  • Insurance - Professional Liability
  • Insurance - Property Casualty
  • Insurance - Risk Management
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers - Standard of Care

Expert's Profile

The Insurance Expert Network, LLC (IEN) was founded in 2005 in response to a growing need for
insurance experts. IEN services include mediation and arbitration, providing a less costly means of
resolving insurance related disputes.

Our experts play a critical role in litigation, by educating counsel on the nuances of insurance, assisting attorneys on determining the merits of a case, testing potential evidence or testifying at a deposition or trial.Our mediators and arbitrators are all accredited and with extensive experience in insurance and the resolution of insurance cases. Choosing arbitration or mediation can be less costly, but choosing an experienced mediator or arbitrator is crucial in the success of your outcome..

After receiving an email or phone call, we determine your needs by asking the following:
• An overview of the case
• Names of parties involved in the litigation/dispute
• An outline of the scope of the work
• Qualifications required from the prospective insurance expert, mediator or arbitrator

After reviewing this information, IEN will:
• Identify available insurance experts within our network who fit the particular needs of the
case and who do not have any potential conflicts of interest.
• Provide a statement from each expert in support of their qualifications for the case, their CV
and fee schedule.
• Arrange the initial contact between the attorney/client and the insurance specialist.

Once one of our insurance experts, mediators, or arbitrators has been selected, IEN will:
• Notify the selected insurance specialist
• Facilitate the engagement process between the attorney/client and the specialist
• Handle invoicing, collection and disbursement of the expert’s retainer, fees and expenses.

The IEN Advantage
1. There is no charge for referrals
2. Generally, a nationwide search and subsequent referral can be completed within 48 hours
3. Our network includes insurance experts, mediators and arbitrators with expertise in over
125 different insurance disciplines..
4. To assist the attorney/client in the selection process, we provide a case-specific statement
of qualification from each potential expert, mediator or arbitrator.
5. IEN personnel are highly experienced and knowledgeable about insurance.

IEN maintains a listing of over 120 specialized insurance areas allowing members to be more precise in describing their expertise and respond to attorney requests.

The following is a sample of these areas. A more complete list is available at our website.

• Actuary
• Automobile Insurance
• Bad Faith
• Binders
• Business Interruption
• Captives
• Construction Defects
• Credit Insurance
• Directors & Officers
• Excess & Surplus Lines
• Fidelity
• Fraud
• General Liability
• Insurance Accounting
• Insurance Business Processes
• Life & Health Insurance
• Marine Insurance
• Misrepresentation
• Producers Errors & Omissions
• Producer standards & Practices
• Product Development
• Professional Liability
• Property Insurance
• Regulatory Compliance
• Reinsurance
• Surety
• Workers Compensation

Client Comments
“Insurance Expert Network helped reduce my search time for qualified experts, provided me with
multiple, well-qualified, experienced candidates to choose from, obtained their resumes, rates and
references for me, and even coordinated telephone conferences so I could conduct initial screening interviews with the candidates who appeared to be a good match for my case. IEN was very professional and responsive. I would certainly use the service again.”
Michael E. Jacobs, Esq., McGowan & Jacobs, LKLC, Hamilton OH

IEN was very thorough in helping me find the right expert. The expert I hired not only had excellent qualifications, but was very knowledgeable in the specific area at issue and immediately focused on what I believed were the important issues. I was fortunate to learn from another friend of mine who is very well respected in the insurance industry that the expert I retained was and is highly respected in her field. IEN will be my first contact when an insurance expert is needed.,Robert D. Critton, Jr., Esq, Critton Luttier & Coleman LLP
- West Palm Beach, FL

“In connection with high stakes, complex litigation, our firm approached Insurance Expert Network
respecting a series of issues that arose relatively late in the case. Trial was imminent, and we demanded a sophisticated analysis with a very short term turnaround. From initial referral to final report, IEN was able to quickly identify, qualify and refer experts ready to work. Performance of both IEN and their experts was professional, efficient and effective.”
David L. Braverman, Esq. and Julie I. Kaplan, Esq., Braverman Kaskey P.C., Philadelphia, PA

To learn more about IEN, what we can do for you, or submit a referral request, please
visit our website at;
send us an email at or
call us at 215.736.2980.

More Information

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