Moseley Vocational Consulting, LLC

Moseley Vocational Consulting, LLC

Trey Moseley, MA, CRC

1655 McFarland Blvd. N., Ste. 268 Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

About the Expert

Trey Moseley, MA is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) with extensive experience providing forensic vocational consulting, vocational assessments, loss of earning capacity calculations, transferable skills analysis, labort market surveys, individual job analysis, psychometric testing, and litigation support in Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Long Term Disability, Product Liability, Medical Malpractice, Discrimination, and Marital Dissolution cases

Areas of Expertise

  • ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Personal Injury Consultants
  • Products Liability
  • Vocational Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Personal Achievements


  • Bachelor of Arts, psychology, minor in history, Western Kentucky University, May 1999
  • Master of Arts, rehabilitation counseling, University of Alabama, May 2006
  • Post-Masters Certificate, Forensic Rehabilitation Counseling, The George Washington University, August, 2012


  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) certification March 2007, valid through March 31, 2022. CRC # 101267

Special Training

  • Alabama Association for Persons in Supported Employment (AL-APSE) job coach training November 2009, Montgomery, AL
  • AL-APSE & Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities annual training June 2010, Montgomery, AL
  • Annual IARP Forensic conference November 2010, New Orleans, LA
  • IARP Case Management/Disability Management conference February 2011, Scottsdale, AZ
  • ABVE Forensic conference March 2011, Orlando, FL
  • IARP Forensic conference November 2011, Las Vegas, NV
  • IARP Forensic conference November 2013, Charleston, SC
  • ABVE Forensic conference March 2014, Nashville, TN
  • IARP Forensic conference October 2016, Pittsburgh, PA
  • AWCO Annual spring conference May 2017, Birmingham, AL
  • IARP Forensic conference October 2017, St. Louis, MO


  • International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP)
  • American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE)
  • National Rehabilitation Association
  • Alabama Workers Compensation Organization

Prior assignments

  • Deposition Testimony: Bryan S. Gvillo v. MSA, Inc., et al, and Russell Wade Sands. 03/2012
  • Gina Jones v. University of Memphis, Tennessee Board of Regents, 08/23/16
  • Chaka Beville v. County of Tuscaloosa, AL 01/17/17
  • Elizabeth Gilliland v. Tennessee Department of Corrections. 07/06/17
  • Raphael Davis and Briana Blanks v. M. Lofton & Son Trucking, LLC. 12/7/17
  • EEOC v. Wesley Health System, LLC d/b/a Merit Health Wesley, f/k/a Wesley Medical Center and Merit Health. 07/18/2018
  • Willie B. Davis v. Peco Foods, Inc. 1/23/19
  • John Oirya v. Brigham Young University, 8/21/19
  • Trial Testimony: Bryan S. Gvillo v. MSA, Inc., et al, and Russell Wade Sands. 05/14/2012
  • William A. Sawyer v. Chevron Mining, Inc. 04/21/14
  • Allen D. Tittle v. Progressive Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. 02/17/16
  • Morgado, Jose Luis v. Southern Wall Systems, LLC, Et al. 04/18/17
  • Chaka Beville v. The County of Tuscaloosa, AL 06/28/17
  • Kornegay v. Kornegay. 08/27/19

Percentage of time spent as expert

  • 100 William A. Sawyer v. Chevron Mining, Inc. 04/21/14 %

Number of expert assignments / year

  • William A. Sawyer v. Chevron Mining, Inc. 04/21/14

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