Board Certified Funeral Director & Embalmer

Board Certified Funeral Director & Embalmer

Richard Callahan

1206 South Broad Street #330 Brooksville, FL 34601

About the Expert

Richard T.Callahan has been providing expert services in funeral service,cremation,and cemetery related cases, since 1993, and has extensive trial experience having consulted on more than 400 matters to date, qualifying in 30 states, five federal courts, and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Board. He has never failed to qualify in any jurisdiction, nor has any of his testimony ever been excluded

Areas of Expertise

  • Funerals and Funeral Homes

Expert's Profile

Mr. Callahan's testimony has included cremation protocol, practice,and standard of care, embalming protocol,practice and standard of care, and funeral home/mortuary protocol, operations,and standard of care. Former President of the Los Angeles County Funeral Directors Association and board member of California Funeral Directors Association. Served on ethics & professionalism committe for many years. As a licensed funeral director & embalmer, Mr. Callahan has personally embalmed thousands of human remains and arranged thousands of funeral services for persons of varied belief systems. Following the merger of his business with an international funeral service concern, he served as Western Chief Operating Officer for that concern. Responsible for operation of funeral homes,crematories,and cemeteries. Contributing author,Mortuary Management Magazine, which was published 1914-2017. He authored in excess of 80 peer-reviewed published articles, which were read by more than ten thousand funeral service professionals, each month.

Personal Achievements


  • B.S. Economics, Fairleigh Dickinson University; Graduate-Mortuary Science, Catonsville College;


  • Licensed, State of California


  • National Board Certified, Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards; Cremation Association of North America,Certified in Cremation Operations, 2014

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