Gerry H. Goldsholle

Gerry H. Goldsholle

PO Box 1739 Mill Valley, CA 94942-1739

About the Expert

Assist counsel to claimants, insurance companies, agents & brokers on fixed & variable life insurance, annuities, disability, viatical & life settlements - marketing, products, practices, regulation. Former Chair, ABA & state bar insurance committees. California & New York Offices.

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Governance
  • Insurance - Bad Faith
  • Insurance - Customs and Practices
  • Insurance - Life & Annuities
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers - Standard of Care
  • Viatical Settlements

Expert's Profile

I bring decades of business and legal experience in insurance and financial services to my expert assignments.

I began my professional career as a trial lawyer at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and practiced corporate law in New York City before joining MetLife, where I held a variety of legal, planning and executive positions including Assistant General Counsel, VP for Corporate Planning & Development, VP for Investment & Fiduciary Services, Chief Brokerage Executive, and President & CEO of MetLife Marketing Corporation.

My insurance-related experience spans corporate governance, insurance and securities regulation, diversification into auto, homeowners and reinsurance, new health insurance/HMO alternatives, new life insurance and annuity product development, retained asset accounts (as the product's inventor and head of the business unit that turned the concept into a $10+ billion business), creating and expanding new distribution systems, and new marketing initiatives. The 200+ person business I headed (and turned around) essentially operated as a self-contained insurance company -- with its own dedicated actuarial, marketing, medical, product development, sales, and underwriting teams, and profitably generated approximately 15% of MetLife's new individual life and annuity premium by the time I elected to retire early.

I later served as a consultant to several leading insurance and financial services companies (including MetLife) and became Founder & CEO of Advice Company, which became a pioneering Internet company whose websites (including provide legal and insurance information to well over 15 million consumers each year. I am also a partner a law firm (see which primarily represents consumers in insurance-related matters. I have chaired the Insurance Committee of the American Bar Association’s Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice section, served for over 20 years as a member of and chaired for two terms an Insurance Committee of the State Bar of California, and served on and chaired committees and sub-committees of the New York City Bar Association. I was recently named to serve on the Insurance Committee of the California Lawyers Association.

I have had the pleasure of working as an expert with outstanding lawyers for plaintiffs and defendants, and for government agencies (such as the DOJ, IRS and SEC) as an expert or consultant in litigation involving corporate and agent conduct, life insurance and annuity product issues, and senior and viatical settlements. However, as I have numerous other business and professional responsibilities, expert witness and consulting work represents a small fraction of my overall business and professional activity.

Personal Achievements


  • A.B. With Honors, College of William & Mary,
  • J.D. Columbia University School of Law,
  • Stanford Business School Executive Program plus coursework for MLA at Stanford University.


  • Member, New York Bar,
  • Member, California Bar

Special Training

  • 20+ years with Metropolitan Life in positions to Chief Brokerage Executive and President & CEO of MetLife Marketing Corporation, including Assistant General Counsel, officer of Metropolitan Property & Liability Insurance Company and Metropolitan Reinsurance Company, VP -- Long-Range Strategic Planning, VP -- Corporate Planning & Development and VP in charge of Investment and Fiduciary Services.


  • Chair, Life Insurance Subcommittee, State Bar of California Committee on Group Insurance Programs
  • Former Chair and Vice Chair, Insurance Committee, American Bar Association Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section
  • Former Chair, Administrative Law Committee, New York City Bar Association

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