Grayhawk Safety & Health Consulting Company

Grayhawk Safety & Health Consulting Company

Randy Gray

5795 Mayfield Hwy. Benton, KY 42025

About the Expert

25 yrs. with OSHA Compliance conducting fatal & non-fatal accident investigations. I have comprehensive experience in the manufacturing and construction sectors conducting more than 1,000 onsite inspections / investigations. Retired from OSHA in 2008, and I began my private consulting firm specializing in working with attorneys as an expert wintess. Adjunct Instructor & President / CEO of Grayhawk Safety & Health Consulting Co.

Areas of Expertise

Accident Investigations
Competent Persons
Construction Accidents
Construction Safety
Expert Opinions
Health and Safety
Industrial Hygiene
Industrial Safety
OSHA Expert Witnesses
Occupational Caught-In-Between
Occupational Diseases
Occupational Electrical Accidents
Occupational Fall Accidents
Occupational Health
Occupational Safety
Occupational Standards
Occupational Struck-By
Outdoor Accidents
Safety Engineer
Safety Engineering
Safety Manager
Safety OSHA
Slips and Falls
Workplace Safety

Personal Achievements


  • B.S., Murray State University; M.S. , Murray State University

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