The Russell Company

The Russell Company

Michael Russell

5764 West 76th Street Los Angeles, CA 90045

About the Expert

Clients won over $75M 2011. Mr. Russell brings real world experience to every expert witness case. For 35 years, he has financed, developed, been a landlord, a tenant, broker, buyer and seller of real estate. Mr. Russell has expertise in the developing or redeveloping of land, master planned communities, and 500 residential units.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leasing
  • Real Estate Commercial
  • Real Estate Residential
  • Zoning & Land Use

Expert's Profile


Performing with the highest degree integrity, Mr. Russell is a "real world" expert witness for 35 years. In the last two years, clients won over $75M in judgments. Expertise in the buying, selling, financing, marketing, developing, or redeveloping office, residential, retail, resort and industrial projects.

Provides litigation support and expert witness testimony for plaintiff and defense attorneys on a wide range of real estate cases.

Areas of Expertise:

* Contracts
* Standard of Care
* Brokerage
* Landlord/Tenant Disputes
* Valuation
* Loans
* Investment Fraud
* Partnership Issues
* Home Owner Association Disputes
* Retail Centers
* Buyer/Seller Disputes
* Redevelopment Agency Issues
* Assessment Districts
* Hazardous material
* Environmental habitat
* Ocean protection


* 35 years of experience as an expert witness
* 35 years real estate broker
* Managed $2 billion in transactions
* Sold over $500M in properties
* Entitled over 5,000 residential units; 2 million SF of office space
* Developed over 2 million SF of projects
* Conducted over 300 consulting assignments in 30 states

Personal Achievements


  • BA, Political Science, University of Southern California
  • MS, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California


  • Since 1978, California Real Estate Broker License

Special Training

  • Mr. Russell has been through comprehensive mediation training and received certifications from UCLA for Arthur Mazirow’s Real Estate Dispute Resolution course,
  • Kenneth Cloke’s Dispute Resolution Center and CYS training
  • Mr. Russell serves as a mediator and arbitrator for real estate, for non-litigated and litigated, cases


  • Serve on board of Community Corporation of Santa Monica, a non-profit, developer of 1,500 affordable housing units


  • Fellowships: Ford Foundation, U. S. Department of Public Health
  • U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Prior assignments

  • Validation of four joint ventures, trial and judgment of $50.3M
  • Valuation, identification of fraud, judgment of $22M
  • Broker breach of fiduciary duties, misrepresentation, judgement of $3M
  • Tenant breach of lease, judgment of $2.8M
  • Redevelopment agency breach of OPA, judgment of $3M
  • Partnership issue resolution, judgment confidential
  • Developer and anchor tenant dispute, judgment confidential
  • Tenant in shopping mall with breach of quiet enjoyment dispute resolution, judgment confidential
  • Condominium construction defects

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