James Schwartz, MD

James Schwartz, MD

James Schwartz

1445 Wampanoag Trail, Suite 205 E. Providence, RI 02915

About the Expert

Dr. James Schwartz is an experienced expert in Family Medicine. He is continuously certified by the American Board of Family Medicine since 1995. Dr. Schwartz has been in private practice for 22 years and is Clinical Assistant Professor, Alpert Medical School, Brown University.

Areas of Expertise

  • Family Practice
  • Medical Case Review

Expert's Profile

I have provided expert consultation and deposition on dozens of cases since 2011. I am highly qualified to opine on the standard of care for a practicing clinician in Family Medicine. I adhere to the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines on medical expert witnesses.

I prefer defense, however I also provide initial opinion on plaintiff cases and, if egregious negligence found, provide expert forensic analysis, reports and testimony.

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I may be reached by telephone at (401)-4258-3618 (C) or by email at jschwartz@coastalmedical.com.

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