Michael F. Richards

Michael F. Richards

Michael F. Richards

21525 Norris Road Manhattan, MT 59741

About the Expert

Michael F. Richards is a banking expert with 34 years of banking experience who provides testimony and litigation support to attorneys representing financial institutions, businesses, and individuals. He represents both plaintiffs and defendants.

Areas of Expertise

  • Banking
  • Bankruptcy

Expert's Profile

Michael F. Richards more than 34 years of banking experience in all aspects of banking offer a keen understanding of the internal workings of banks. This knowledge provides attorneys and clients with expert witness and litigation support. This support includes in-depth discovery assistance, regulatory research and understanding, commercially reasonable and standard banking practice, and opposing expert witness deposition questioning assistance. All this is in addition to the standard expert witness testimony and report writing. His experience as a Founder, President, and Director of two De-novo community banks and heading up a work-out department for a regional bank give the client and attorney a behind the scene understanding of banks. His experience in heading up a work-out department provides a wealth of knowledge in litigation testimony from the banker’s perspective.

His National Expert Witness career began in 2009 representing both plaintiffs and defendants. He has testified in Federal and State court as a banking expert. He has also testified as a banking expert in a Federal criminal case. He has been retained in over 80 cases and currently represents or has represented clients in 28 states. He has been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants equally. Following are some of the areas he provides expert witness consulting and testimony in:

* Banking Practices and Procedures
* Banking Industry Standards
* Banking Operations
* Banking Policies and Procedures
* Credit Analysis
* Loan Review
* Forensic Loan Documentation
* Bank Regulations and Law
* Commercial and Real Estate Lending Practices
* Consumer Lending Practices
* Lender Liability
* Loan Participation and Documentation
* Collection Practices
* Bank Fraud Issues
* Bankruptcy, Fairness of Interest Rates “Cramdown”

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