Riley Welch LaPorte & Associates

Riley Welch LaPorte & Associates

Tiffany Salters, Office Manager

PO Box 70 Frankenmuth, MI 48734

About the Expert

Gerald LaPorte, M.S.F.S., Ink Chemist & Document Dating Specialist, highly qualified expert in ink age determination, ink chemistry and all areas of forensic document examination (excluding handwriting). Author of many peer reviewed research articles and publications. Court qualified expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

  • DNA Forensic
  • Document Examination Forensic
  • Finger Print & Foot Print Identification
  • Firearms and Ballistics
  • Handwriting
  • Ink Dating

Expert's Profile

Riley Welch LaPorte & Associates Forensic Laboratories was established in 1996 as Riley Welch & Associates Forensic Document Examinations, Inc. Since then, we have grown to add other forensic science disciplines and personnel. We continue to expand the services we provide. Currently, our firm offers: Questioned Documents, Ink Chemistry & Ink Dating, Latent Fingerprints, Firearms & Toolmarks and Forensic Biology/DNA.

Our firm is staffed with highly trained forensic science personnel. Our examiners (Thomas P. Riley, Todd W. Welch, Gerald M. LaPorte, Lisa Hanson, Robert May, Jennifer Naso, Kurt Moline, Jeffrey Nye and Marie Durina) are well qualified in their respective forensic disciplines and have significant experience working in government forensic laboratories, as well as with our firm in the private sector. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of quality in forensic science expertise. Our reputations and integrity are key to providing you with expert witness testimony, when needed, to supprt our findings.

We offer our services worldwide and have been retained on matters around the globe. Our laboratories are well equiped to handle the types of examinations we provide. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your case. We are also available to guide you to a qualified forensic expert in disciplines we may not offer, so don't hesitate to inquire should you have other forensic science needs.

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