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J. Cooke - (Formally known as: J. McEwan)
Equestrian Research LLC
Phone (847) 277-7950


University of San Diego Graduate Degree: ABA Accredited Paralegal Program Specialty: Civil Litigation

Equine Appraisal Institute International: All Breeds Equine Appraiser. Methodology: cost, market, income approach.

Milton College, Bachelor of Arts Degree

Potomac Horse Center - HORSEMASTER™  Riding Instructor Certification, Dressage & Combined Training Discipline, Maryland Department of Education Accredited


Horse Trainer, Currently for Show, Recreation, and Racing purpose - Professional Horseperson.

Legal Consultant and Technical Advisor, Testifying Expert Witness for Plaintiff and Defense.

Thoroughbred Race Horse Trainer, Stable Operator, & Exercise Rider, Licensed or Has Been Licensed In: CA, KY, FL, LA, IL, MD

Riding Instructor: Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Combined Training, Handicapped, and Western. 100+ Students.


AHC - American Horse Council
AMEA - American Medical Equestrian Association
USEF - US Equestrian Federation
MFH - Masters of Foxhounds Association
AQHA - American Quarter Horse Association
IDCTA - Illinois Dressage And Combined Training Association
USTA - United States Trotting Association
USDF - US Dressage Federation
APHA - American Paint Horse Association
ELCR - Equine Land Conservation Resource


Horses: Horse appraisal, behavior, breeding, jumping, racing, showing, performance; trail riding; fox-hunting; riding instruction; handicapped riding instruction; polo; stable management; horse show management; horse shows; pony rides; veterinary care; profit structure; personal injury & negligence; inherent risks; safety; insurance fraud; leather: bridles, saddles, harnesses, boots; fencing: gates, latches, snaps; mats; protocol; race tracks: construction, surface, railings, protocol, rules & regulations; chariots; carriages and wagons; accident re-construction, prevention, scene analysis; horse farms; helmets-protective head gear; Thoroughbreds, European Sport Horses, hunters and jumpers, Quarter horses, Arabians, Appaloosas…. Most equine related activities, breeds, and Industry Standards of Care...


Licensed or Has Been Licensed As a Thoroughbred Race Horse Trainer and Exercise Rider in six states. One of a handful of women in the entire world who are winning trainers from Santa Anita Race Track. This trainer galloped her own horses, and exercised thoroughbreds for major trainers.


Horseback riding since the 1950's
Champion show horse rider--English and Western.
Maintained and supervised a public stable.
Prepared business plans for profit structure analysis.
Identified expertise in conformation, pedigree, and performance.
Designed cost-efficient investment strategies.
Solved complex appraisal problems.
Settled valuations for over 1,000 thoroughbreds and other breeds.
Guided criminal defense via equine education.

See J. McEwan -- Horse Expert
Court TV -- Power, Privilege & Justice
Hosted by Dominick Dunn
Show titled: Sweet Seduction
Aired March 26, 2003, and every 6 months thereafter.
Call: 877-871-6469 for your own copy

Arts and Entertainment Cable Television Show
      City Confidential: "Chicago Horse Mafia", 11/98 -- airs every 6 months
        Call: 1-800-423-1212 for your own copy
        See: J. McEwan, Horse Expert   

Channel 2 News
     WBBM / TV Chicago
     Equine / Thoroughbred Race Track Expert
     August 2006 - Aired : 6 PM + 8 AM


24 courtroom testimonies, 2 arbitrations, 1 mediation, 75 depositions, over 200 completed cases


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